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I understand my choices have a consequences  

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5/19/2020 4:18 pm
I understand my choices have a consequences

So with my love of restrictive items I picked Chastity at first just a cb600 this was good but could only be worn at home due to the bulge it formed, but I used it for a while and enjoyed it I enjoyed how I felt, from the moment you put it on your then desired something you could no longer have a climax, instead I used toys to obtain one in my eyes a better one!
It became clear this device wasn’t for me I needed to be able to<b> wear </font></b>it for longer so I picked a somewhat extreme one that forces everything into around an inch and is fitted with a urethral tube this can be worn for longer and forces me to sit to pee which is also nice, but with no bulge I could<b> wear </font></b>panties and chastity under normal gear
A year on and I’m wearing it as much as I can one development is I’m no longer able to get hard even at climax which I have to do once in a while
In my constant state of frustration I’m seeing things in a new light, so I’m planning to take testosterone blockers to chemically castrate myself, this is where you come in I’m looking for a guy who knows what he wants and wants to use me in this state
Just today I found out you can be locked into a dress and they do heels that also lock, feminine forms even silicone feminine masks they think of everything, so if you into a complete novice but a keen one, I am up for further development so if you want to lock me up and use me as your kinky play thing we should talk relocation would be a plus
overstaying with my passport removed i'm trapped this is a plus also

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