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My Black Goddess  

GalaxyMan1972 48M  
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6/2/2020 8:17 am
My Black Goddess

My Black Goddess

I’ve been lucky enough have some sexual encounters at my place of work, but one special lady stands above the rest. There’s something about the forbidden nature of it that appeals .

She was a peer manager in the IT department at a college I used work for. We worked together many projects and over the course of time grew closer. We had our own lives out of the office, but things grew from just a general friendliness more and more physical. She would come into our work area and and hang out from time time, but she would always give me a special greeting before leaving. And I would just watch her leave, her movements hypnotic.

She was a beautiful black woman, mid-40s, and had stunning curves. She was a breast cancer survivor, and she was so strong. One weekend, I went the office catch a few things be able start the week a fresh note, and she was doing the same. Without having other staff around, and no classes, the place was quiet. Only the occasional security guard strolling around. And there were the cameras, but we knew where they were, and coverage was sparse for most of the rooms.

We spoke for a long while, just hanging out before I realized I needed get going, and for some reason, when she stood from her desk, we hugged. It was warm, and long. Our touches lingered, and there was the moment when our eyes met. The smoldering spark ignited. We kissed. Hard and passionately. The passion held for so long exploded. I reached down and squeezed her ass with both hands. She moaned a little as we kissed, but felt her body push even closer to me. In that moment, we made our decision.

Classrooms. I remembered there was a perfect spot just down the hall. The room had black sound absorbing panels and had some lighting that could be dialed and down. It was used for performing arts classes, but also gave much out of sight space, with some wonderful darkness. I took her hand and we left the main office area. Not saying a word as we walked down the hall, hand in hand.

She wrapped her arms around me just as soon as we were in the room. Only the light from the hall shined in the window of the door. Enough to see, but shadows just added to the mystery. She pushed me against the wall, as we kissed. I rested my hands down her hips while we kissed more. The passion was so strong.

She backed away, and my hands immediately went her boobs. She was a wonderfully endowed woman, such a wonderful size, and she lifted her arms so I could remove her top. A quick motion behind her back, and her bra was free. I leaned down, kissing each of her nipples. I felt the warmth of her skin on my face, so tender and soft.

I kissed my way back her chest and neck and we kissed, our tongues intertwined. I looked at her in the ambient light. I tore off my shirt as she reached down to unbutton my pants. She squeezed and massaged through my boxer-briefs as my pants fell the floor, and they too quickly descended. She cupped my balls and lightly ran her fingers along my erection. I pulsed with delight.

With a graceful movement, she knelt. She licked up my dick, so slowly. I felt the heat of her breath on my skin, such an amazing moment. She licked around my head, slowly taking me into her mouth. Just the top at first, but each bob of her head, she took more and more in. She massaged with her tongue, and when she ground against my tender skin with her teeth, I let out a gasp. She worked into a good rhythm, stroking as she sucked. I gazed down, looking at her suck, trying to see all the details. Seeing the darkness of her lips wrapping around me. I wanted to turn on the lights and see everything, but we didn’t want to get caught. Finally, I closed my eyes, simply savoring the feeling.

I reached down, lifting her chin up as I looked into her eyes. As she released me, the audible smack still brings about a smile to my face. She stood up, kissing me again. It was time to return the favor. I reached down, unbuttoned her jeans and loved how she wiggled her hips to get them off, and then her panties. She leaned back against the wall, standing with legs apart as I licked. I licked up and down her lips, pausing in between to massage her clit with my<b> tongue. </font></b>I pressed firmly against it, moving it in circles, but would then kiss and suck on her. I slid two of my fingers into her, also using my thumb to massage as I fingered. She was trying to be quiet, but she couldn’t stop softly moaning. I felt her legs trembling as I intensified my efforts, and then she climaxed. My face never leaving her throbbing pussy.

She was nice and creamy, and could feel the tendrils of her juices sticking to my face as I pulled away. I was wet and sticky. It was a wonderful feeling. She knelt, facing me. We kissed more, and she never wavered from her cum on my face. She seemed to kiss with greater passion as I wore her cum. The lust within me surged.

She nudged me back and I complied. I lay on my back as she moved atop. Reaching around, she took hold and pushed me against her lips. She ground on me, using my head to rub on her lips, but quickly settled down on me. I relished the feeling of being full inside. She paused for a moment, sharing the beautiful moment before she started to ride me. Slow and sensual to start, and I loved how she gyrated her hips. I reached up, cupping her boobs as she rode harder. The view was hypnotic. The partial darkness just added to the mystery and sensuality of the moment. I could see her hair flowing as she bounced.

She settled down on me, leaning forward. Her hair tickled against my chest as we kissed more, all while I was fully inside her. I felt the warmth of her heavy breaths. I ran my hand through her hair as we kissed.

Turning her over onto her back, I mounted. Waiting no time, I thrust fully into her. I loved being inside her as she tightened her muscles around me. I started a sensual, steady rhythm, listening to her soft moans. I varied the speeds and intensity. I played around with the angles, always ensuring I was keeping a steady rhythm.

But the intensity and the lust consumed us. She begged me to fuck her harder, and I pounded. Our skin slapping together. My balls bounced with every thrust. She wanted me to fuck harder and harder. I felt the impending orgasm. I wouldn’t hold out for much longer.

She felt my shuddering. The spasming of my muscles as I begin to cum. I pulled out, stroking my load over her stomach and boobs. The contrasting colors were so beautiful. As I stroked out the last of the cum, my muscles relaxed. We were out of breath and smiled. I leaned forward, kissing her again and we nestled against each other. All wet and sticky, laying on the floor in the classroom.

Fucking at the office was never better.

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