Feeling Cheap, Used, and Slutty  

HotWifeCLT 57M/55F  
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1/12/2019 6:48 am

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1/15/2019 12:40 pm

Feeling Cheap, Used, and Slutty

I had a new experience last night. I was used and didn't resist. I was sound asleep and sometime early in the AM, my husband and his friend got into bed with me. My husband woke me when turning me to my back. He told me not to move, open my legs, and pressed against my head and sleeping mask. I felt hands on my legs opening them and and holding them open in the air. I cock penetrated me and I became fully aware of what was happening.

I let it happen. His friend penetrated me like a knife and fucked into me. He fucked forcefully and only long enough that I became completely lubricated and then he took his orgasm in me and got off. My senses were totally on his cock and I could feel every inch of it as he popped it out of me. They traded places on me while his milk ran down my ass. My husband fucked me and pumped his sperm in me only for his pleasure and release.

I rolled to my side as they left the room. I could have just returned to sleep but, I had to complete myself. I grabbed my vibrator and in the dark I moaned and screamed and bucked on the bed when I took my spasms. And I just covered myself and went to sleep.

HotWifeCLT 57M/55F  
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1/12/2019 6:50 am

This morning I awoke in a sticky mess of sex between my legs and all over the bed. I feel cheap, used and like a slut. It feels good for just this one time.

Dramchik 37M  
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1/12/2019 6:57 am

Hot n sexy

NandQ8786 31M/32F
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1/12/2019 7:13 am

That's sounds awesome

txslowpoke 65M
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1/12/2019 7:32 am

love the pic... wish i was the other man

CleavageFan4U 62M  
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1/12/2019 8:00 am

FUCK, that is hot!! ADORE the picture too.

A friend and I did roughly the same thing to his GF just last evening as well, although without the added kinky bonus of her be awoken from a sound sleep to receive both our loads.

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nwilm4u2 63M
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1/12/2019 8:19 am

Way to enjoy yourself!

1980hwl 47M
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1/12/2019 8:29 am

Love not giving any choice having a toy to use

baldor4322 43M
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1/14/2019 5:29 pm

Now that sounds like a great time! Good for you!

wildthoughts 63M  
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1/15/2019 11:06 am

Every one got what they needed but they should have given you what you wanted before leaving.

RockKickAss69XXX 49M
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1/18/2019 6:14 pm

It pays to be your husbands friend!

smartguy443 33M  
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1/20/2019 6:30 am

That is a very erotic story. So sexy! I think you should get some good sex like that all the time. Wish I could have been your husband's friend.

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