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SpaceDemon256 - Part One, Maybe  

NG879190 42M  
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10/31/2020 7:12 pm
SpaceDemon256 - Part One, Maybe

Noticing her had been the easy part. The effortless grace of each pose in her collage made her hard miss. The deep saturation she favored in her pictures brilliantly made her apple-colored lips stand out against the caramel skin. Even her clothing, when present, was arranged in such a way both entice and conceal in the kind of way I would expect if she were on the bed next .

She is crafting a fantasy, I mused. The realization strengthened the attraction. Each subtle detail laced into the vision she conjured serving to multiply the impact, as she obviously intended.

It was not until I had thumbed through her pictures a third time did I attention the captions. Habit had taught me that most of the women assumed their nudity alone was enough warrant the interest of the men here. A few would add captions that either dated the image or expressed their intention; grammar often the deciding factor between sexy and attractive. What can I say? There is art to be found in the bodies of women, but beauty is a cerebral endeavor.

The story she presented relied on both her body and her words; each image stroking my libido, each caption evoking thought. The way a lover should in order to challenge me. Showing me the reward and reminding me that I must earn it.

Clever girl, I thought. Amusement growing as the parallels between the context of the movie quote and what she was doing connected themselves in my mind.

Let me see if I can get a bite, I murmured internally as I sent a quick complimenting her profile. The compliment was crafted catch her interest and still be easy and sincere, anything other and I was sure she would weed out.

“Damn!” The quick response surprised for a moment until I read the “Auto Reply” header in the . Even so, she did not disappoint. Her auto-reply, like everything else she did, evoked a playful challenge. Wit full display, she pulled in further.

Nerd who tells jokes, I mirrored. Zipping out my response, I turned study her profile. It is my habit do so only after leafing through what images and videos are available. Enjoying what a woman puts on display before getting know more is how things are done in the real world, why should this be different? Besides, I enjoy a good dessert after my meal. Short, ample, and, most importantly, educated.

“Shit,” I exhaled, the notification bell indicating I had indeed gotten a nibble. She had replied, short and sweet, inviting me a little further in. Knowing I had, maybe, one or two more messages hook her, I did not want scare her off. Another compliment, a prompt, then a question. Each received and replied , living the fantasy painted in my mind.

It was obvious she was the hunt and deliberate in her duty. She could easily find and consume any cock she wanted. So, she wants a mind too, I speculated correctly. Each of her answers eschewing easy crudity for a swordplay of wit. The eroticism lay in what was being avoided rather than the contents of the exchange. She knew she could have me with a simple affirmative, and I knew I would make it worth her while. The tease omnipresent in the push and pull tide of conversation. My desperation tamped down with each quick note back and forth; my eyes narrowed, focused on the pleasure and challenge.

"Your move..."

NG879190 42M  
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11/5/2020 8:56 pm

Thank you, Earth! IT is pretty easy when you have the right muse. Any effort comes from replacing the two-letter words and prepositions Asian Sexfriendfinder.com seems morally obligated to remove from my post. Asian Sexfriendfinder.com's fear of TS Elliot has somehow mutated into a hatred of grammar.

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