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Tank Top  

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11/17/2020 6:48 pm
Tank Top

She moved with a privilege only confidence afforded. Each swing of her leg moving in time with the upbeat of the song in the background, keeping a well-paced rhythm. It was intoxicating. The tight fabric formed around her legs revealed everything and nothing. The song ended and she bounced up, reaching for the towel. She twisted at her hips to look at him. The beaming smile quickly forming a mocking O as she made a gesture of looking down at her attire and back at him.

"Pervert!" The playful expletive chimed as if in laughter.

"The lady surely understands the thrall yoga pants has over mortal men?" He adopted what he thought sounded like a British accent, but was much closer to the bastard of Australian and German accents. She gave a playful humph in response and stalked over to the dresser, holding the towel up to poorly shield his view.

"That simply will not do, Sir," she said, doing a much better accent and arching her eyebrow for emphasis. "Yoga pants are a lady's right, and shaming her into removing them is shameful." Hooking her thumbs into the waist band, she turned away from him. In alternating glides, she slid the material down revealing the split between the gorgeous curves of her bottom. Leaning over and performing a slow, shimmying dance, the material continued to be peeled away.

The rush of warmth making its way to his crotch intensified with each inch of skin she revealed. He played his role, standing legs apart and arms crossed in mock authority. The bulge in his jeans managed to climb upward along the skin between his thigh and hip. He was sure she would notice and he relished the thought of it.

Once the material was bunched at her feet, she stepped out of one foot, then the other, taking a wide stance. Leaning over with her legs straight, she leaned over in exaggeration to pick up the discarded garment. The delta between her ass and thighs was dark and inviting. Calling out a question over her shoulder, "if Sir will not have these on me, what shall I do with them?"

"Lay them on the bed for inspection," he commanded in as formal a tone as he could muster, the accent forgotten. He watched her rise, keeping her legs wide before pivoting on the ball of her foot to face him. The pants draping down from her hand and afterthought to her half-nude body. The carefully maintained strip of hair forming a small chevron above the line of her legs. The nudity contrasted the pink tank top she still wore, forming a glorious dichotomy of modesty and sex that set him on fire.

The smile grew in a flash of white teeth as she blushed, breaking character. She trotted over to him, being sure to keep her arms to her side so that her breasts would bounce as she did so. When she reached him, he was already leaning down with his arms waiting to wrap her up. The kiss was deep and purposeful. Pressing his whole body into her, she could feel the heat in him. The hard cock pressed across her belly through the material of his jeans and her tank top.

His hands moving down to cup each cheek of her ass, he could feel her press upward to help him pick her up. In a quick motion, he pulled her up and felt her legs wrap around his waist. He moved towards the bed and leaned over to let her rest on the edge of the bed, her legs squeezing him close. Rising up, he pulled the shirt over his head and threw it to the floor. Returning to her, his mouth found her neck and breathed in the aroma of her as he grazed his lips along the skin.

Taking advantage of him curving down to kiss her neck, she found the clasp of his pants and undid the button and zipper. His cock was easy to find and she took great pleasure at the sharp intake of breath as she freed it. Stroking the head of it with one hand, the other slid down and began kneading his balls. The warmth of him in her hands exhilarated her and she felt her pussy respond in anticipation.

"Lay back," he said, growling in her ear. Seeing her follow his command, he watched as she worked the fingers of her right hand over her clit. The slick dew visible on her fingertips. Grabbing her knees, he guided her legs into a waiting position above her hips as he quickly removed the remainder of his clothing. Taking the opportunity while he was bent over, he bit lightly on her hand to move it out of the way. Gliding his tongue along her labia, he found her clit and circled it. His lips kissed the swelling gland and pushed down, using them to push the hood back and draw the clit in. Sucking slightly, he used the flat of his tongue to issue a massage. The increasing dampness of his chin, the clenching fingers in his hair, and deep moan coursing through her encouraged him.

The mix of his mouth expertly working her clit and the feeling of them entwined so made the hollow under her navel tighten. The energy building there swirled in an ebb and flow that matched her quickened breathing. It stayed this way deliciously for some time before she felt the welcome arrival of his fingers working inside her. Experience had taught her body to expect this, but the expectation never diminished the pleasure he gave her. The hook of his fingers along inside of her g-spot triggered her to bear down, intensifying the feeling of each massaging circle of his fingers and his tongue.

The sudden rush of her tensing up and bucking made him smile as continued his work. Keeping her riding the high of the orgasm coursing loudly through her, made his cock throb. Once she relaxed, he rose and placed her warm, fragrant pussy in the crook of his cock and balls. He leaned over to appreciate her half-clothed body and kissed her, using his hand to pull the tip of his cock into her. The sensation of being sweetly engulfed swept over him when he was completely buried in her. Staying still for a moment, he believed he felt her pulse matching his. He drew his hips back and found his cadence.

Standing next to the bed, she felt his hands grip her thighs tightly as each slam of of his hips was punctuated by the feeling of his balls slapping her ass. She fell in line, timing the thrust of his hips to hers. The energy of the prior orgasm chaining to a new one. The pressure mounting below her navel increased with the feeling of being filled with him. She ran her fingers down his chest, following the line of his midsection. She lingered there a moment in the sensation of the hair of his body on her fingertips until she dropped her hand to her own. The feeling of her own hair an odd contrast to the thunderous violence an inch away.

Watching her hand tease and work her clit became an obsession as he continued burying himself endless in her. He looked up to see her staring at him, a serious look drawn on her face. The<b> bite </font></b>of her lip was a sign she was holding out for him. The urgency magnified within him and release was close. Then he felt the pressure on the sides of his cock from her fingers. The middle and ring finger were spread, allowing his shaft to freely move between them. And, it was the hard pressure mixed with the squeeze of her pussy that sent him over the edge. She finally let go and screamed loudly with him as he gave a few more shuddering thrusts in release.

She felt him deep inside her, an occasional shudder of his cock the only movement he made. Grabbing him by the neck, she pulled him to her in a hot embrace. Melting together, he matched his breathing to hers. They met in an exhausted kiss, foreheads touching.

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