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Memories Made To Be Cherished  

SexLessNnc2 55F
96 posts
12/29/2020 9:04 pm
Memories Made To Be Cherished

Oh how we flirted, teased, and edged each other closer and closer that cusp. almost that point of no return repeatedly, for what seemed be countless weeks. But had it really, or did it just seem that way. Seemingly taking forever, simply because the want was so great on both our parts.

Now looking back as I thoughtfully<b> bite </font></b>my lower lip, this almost didn't happen. At the last moment, there was almost too big of a hurdle to overcome, or so I thought. I naturally thought there was nothing else to be done but possibly cancel, but of course he had a immediate answer. That let me know that he very much wanted to spend the day with me. Me, or all women.

And what a wonderful day it was, one I will always cherish. This wonderful man made me feel so very much like a full fledged very sexual, very able, very enjoyed woman. Not less then, but every bit just as desired, as any woman out there. Reflecting back on this now, he will never know how much that meant. How much I have had to overcome. That this summer I almost died and still have trouble walking and sometimes with my asthma. That is stress that i am not desirable, mainly from many things I have gone thru for many .

We shared, we laughed, we kissed, we came together hard. We made memories that will last forever. Isn't that what life really is all about?

I will forever cherish the time I spend with a lover, more then he will ever know.

Lady T

Rumps1960 61M  
10 posts
12/30/2020 4:09 pm

Very hot! I’d cherish such a time too! You are a beautiful woman and beautiful writer 🌹

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