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Posted:Aug 25, 2019 4:50 pm
Last Updated:Aug 27, 2019 6:41 am

Thought I'd start this with a introduction. I'll be updating this section as I go with this; until I'm satisfied with it's description.

I'm a Bi . And am very comfortable with being Bi and enjoy it. I remember back in college hanging with a Bi guy. I asked him why he was bi (I was still kinda figuring stuff ). His response still cracks me up to this day (now this was in the first month or so of college, so youth plays a part… ). But he said, “At a party, I have twice the chance of getting laid that you do."

I’ve been bisexual for most of life, so it’s not changing; nor is it a phase. I love both women and men too much to give up one or the other. If you want to know what I like about men or women, ask. I can tell you. . But I neither put being bisexual out there nor do I hide it.

I had first real experience with a guy in early 20s. But in early ... cousin and I blew each other. We did not know what we were doing. But it felt damn good.

I have been married and divorced. Dated straight women and bi women. Hung with guys. Been in monogamous relationships and poly relationships. I have been with enough people, that at this point, preference for a relationship would be poly where everyone is at least bi friendly and ideally bisexual themselves. Why poly? Because all of the poly people I've met seem more honest and genuine. So many monogamous relationship... people are lying to their significant other, or it's not a good fit, they can talk to their spouse, etc. Not say this can't happen in poly, but I've just seen less. Maybe just better skills?

I am a single dad with 2 preteens full time (long story, best with beer or better yet bourbon). No real drama besides angst. The ex is in CA and we're in MI. Not a bad combo and you'll completely understand when you know the story (and what I did to have it come the best way possible).

Some things I enjoy... going down on a woman and making her quiver. How she feels, smells and tastes. Even the way most women move catches my attention. how she reacts when you explore her body and discover those hidden spots that bring her pleasure. Women interact with world in so many different ways. For men, I enjoy much of the , but for different reasons. I'm masculine.. have a preference for that, but there's been an exception or 2 when there was a real connection.

Things I am not into are: serious pain (light stuff is fine), gross stuff (scat, blood, etc.), or humiliation.

I like to keep it all lighthearted, fun, and pleasurable with everyone I’m with. I have also been told (I am assuming by people who know... ) that I am a perfect switch. I am just me
3 Some Types
Posted:Aug 27, 2019 3:08 pm
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2019 6:37 am

What's everyone's favorite 3 some or ménage à trois?

If you don't know... the order of letters has meaning.

MMF means the men play together and with the woman.
MFM means the guys are focusing most of their attention on the woman.

Anything else, ask. If one's missing, let me know and I'll update the poll.
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Spontaneous 3 Some
Posted:Aug 25, 2019 5:13 pm
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2019 7:34 pm

I was in a MMF last night. Not first . It was a bit spontaneous. Original plans fell through. The and I started chatting; the chemistry was good and they invited over.

I had a bit of a drive get their place. They started without and tease would pictures of the action with each other. I have a rule... if someone hosts... they get the first blowjob. It's always been a good ice breaker. So everything started with sucking his cock. Just a teasing for him, he didn't want cum just yet... but I worked his head, shaft and balls over enough make him moan.

We continued playing with each other. Both of them sucking , going down on her or stopping to fuck her. time, I Was working her clit and her g-spot again after an orgasm. And quickly brought her back her peak. When she came that time, she grabbed a pillow and put over her head muffle her moaning so it wouldn't be loud. Love it when that happens.

But us guys had a lot of time enjoy each other. You should have seen her every time lips wrapped around his cock. She was loving watching suck him. Kept saying how it was. And i have some oral skills. 😉. I was teasing and edging him. He’d quiver as he got close. And I’d back off. I'd swirl his head, suck the sides of his shaft, playing with his balls, wrap lips round his head tongue flicking or swirling, then deep throating his 7" cock (I have good control over gag reflexes), and repeating from the beginning. When she was panting a little hard and getting herself off, I started blow him.

When he came, i let about half of his cum slip down his shaft where she could see it. And made a show of licking it up nice and slow. Savoring as I went. She came again hard with that. Exclaiming OMG, OMG, that so fucking !

He had a nice big load too. And I enjoy giving blow jobs.

Oh, I've already. been invited back for the next .

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