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Posted:Dec 28, 2019 9:44 am
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2020 2:40 pm

A new year beckons a new beginning.....a fresh start........whether it is with one's work....or one's health...with a relationship....a move to a new state ....or a frame of mind....the slate is wiped clean....the wishes of a better tomorrow are sparked.....and the dreams of hope brighten the mind...…inspiring us to embrace change.......

I wish all of you a wonderful happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.....2020 will be nothing but an amazing adventure for me....a new start in so many ways.....packed with challenges.....and I will embrace them with hopeful expectation.... and I plan to have as much fun as I can...so..... HAPPY 2020 to you and your Loved ones!!!!!! Have fun and be safe out there....mahalo....Izzy
Queen of a Thousand Kingdoms PART TWO Continued
Posted:Oct 30, 2019 11:39 am
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2019 3:02 am

She had fought off tears of defeat starring into her lover's eyes as the Counsel's decision was announced. Her quiet defiance did not betray the deep pain and loss she had felt as she had heard the verdict of death.
To this day, his intelligent gentle face and intense brown eyes left burning tears of sadness rolling down her face as she remembered how he had pleaded for his life. At the cliff's edge, the futility of the situation had been overwhelming and he had resigned himself to death. She had burned kisses onto his icy lips before drawing her sword to defend him. But she was one against many and had been overwhelmed despite her heroic efforts. She watched as he was thrown onto the rocks, his screams echoing in her memory even today. It had taken ten warriors to restrain her she continued to fight to rescue him. Afterwards, she had been restrained and isolated for several days under watchful monitoring. The Queen had feared she would take her own life. But with time, and sisterly intervention this fear had resolved and the Queen had called the Tribal Healer who was the only one who could release her from isolation . Her best friend Embra had gathered Mia’s man from frozen waters as well as her own man’s body. Together they had given their men a private honorable burial. Mia’s pain and anger remained and had carved a darkness into her heart which remained today hidden from all except Embra.

Mia had learned to mask her feelings well over the years replacing thoughts of future revenge as remedy for her broken heart. Her hate had hardened her heart and cold indifference had replaced her love for her sister and her homeland. She had vowed revenge not only for her man but for the countless numbers of men who had suffered the same fate. Queen Ella had seen a change in Mia, but she had thought this was maturation and understanding with a new focus on her leadership in the Royal Guard.
Knowing Mia’s fierce love for this human and the effects his death on Mia had forced the Queen to reconsider the breeding requirements and their harsh restrictions. She had called on the Counsel for a vote for revision of requirements. Queen Ella had ached for Mia that day when she had begged for mercy before the Counsel. She had been so proud of her sister as she had pressed all her persuasive ways and measure to convince them he was worthy. She had even found the Fire legend in the Kingdom Library had at one point almost turned the most hardened in their beliefs to soften and become persuaded her argument. But alas, her arguments had failed. Queen Ella had so wanted her to win her case even if her choice of man fell short of the requirements. But the Counsel's decision required a majority to be overturned and Mia had failed to convince them with a majority.
Queen Ella’s legacy would hinge on the fact that she had brought her Kingdom back from near obliteration, to the illustrious level it had once observed. Wise and bold she and the Counsel had directed the rebirth. Now it was strong, powerful and bountiful. The restructuring had centered on a methodical breeding protocol as well as strict laws and consistent governance. With her leadership and example, she had inspired regeneration and growth. She took pride that she ruled with honor, justice and a great love for her people over the past 1000 years. Her people strove to be not only physically and intellectually robust. Weakness was viewed as unacceptable.

The Queen was of Amazon proportion, with long thick dark brown hair teased with white highlights…..a perfect figure 8 body with large breasts breeching a gold metallic halter and long tapered shapely legs melted the ground as her curvy hips strode down the line to inspect some of the finest in her Amazon Army.….her sculpted thighs gleamed as they cut thru the flowing layers of white and gold dusted gown… and the train of white fur encircled her broad shoulders as it cascaded behind her…….Her face was heart shaped and her eyes diamond like as they reflected the light creating a powerful glow that flowed down her neck and chest. Her voice was strong and yet feminine and exuded confidence and a warrior’s fervor. She was one of the eldest in her Kingdom but to look at her, one would guess she was only in her early 40's in human years.
They had meticulously prepared for this mission with exhausting daily training and night maneuvers. They esteemed her with great respect and honor and knew success was the only acceptable outcome of their mission. Their Queen would not tolerate anything less than victory. With great pride, Queen Ella watched her elite warriors leave as the sun in their world sank below the horizon of the frozen tundra. And, she smiled knowing in a few short hours the fruit of their labors would be realized.
Nick had just driven off the Construction site and was headed to Jakes Bar and Grill down the road when he felt a jolt, like he had driven over something. He hadn’t seen anything, but it was pitch black outside and there were few street lights along this country road. He stopped the truck, grabbed his flashlight and decided to check it out. He took about 4 large strides toward the back of the truck, when he felt a sharp painful object pierce his nec Sometime later, he woke up in a bright white egglike cocoon like object. He was restrained and naked and couldn’t spea He couldn’t remember anything beyond getting out of his truc He just remembered the intense pain his neck and blinding flash of light. But how he had a severe headache and drowsiness and a feeling like he was being lifted……With his large restrained hands, he clumsily tried feel for a door but there was no door….no way in or out …the walls were smooth and opalescent. He tried punch a hole thru the cocoon material but instead it just bounced bac
The Queen’s mate as well as all the others had been easier snag than expected. The team leader had debriefed the Queen with the details of each capture. The new guerilla tactics had yielded improved results compared past
missions and there had been no loss of warrior life. The Queen smiled with approval. The men would be prepared in the usual manner. She would inspect them individually during the process later night.
Princess Mia and Princess Embra’s men had been the hardest capture but they had relished the challenge. Both men were chiseled Alpha men and met all the required breeding requirements. Mia had admit that the Queen’s acquisition was sultry, handsome and oozed charm and intelligence. His piercing green eyes aroused Mia with desire and his devilishly delightful brown curls and olive skin triggered leaps of excitement when she gazed upon him.
Heroic.....Just because.....for a friend....
Posted:Oct 8, 2019 8:36 pm
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2020 7:20 pm

A Knight in rusty armor....is still a Knight.. still honorable....still chosen to fight for the Realm...still given missions to accomplish.....in fact....his love is more worthy to obtain and fight for....because he has been in battle....and he has seen and tasted the challenges of life....he has sacrificed and fought....and persevered...and even if he has lost some battles...he has returned home.....victorious......he is a gallant example of victory in the face of extreme danger and challenge...some people call that heroic...… he is someone who could have their pick.....over all the maidens in the land..
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Queen of a Thousand Kingdoms Part I
Posted:Jul 19, 2019 10:18 am
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2019 9:45 am

She starred into the swirling ball of white ……her piercing blue eyes absorbing the sights and her acute hearing shuddering at the loud noises of the world on the other side……And then she saw him standing on the 40 foot sailing vessel…...he was gorgeous and his deep voice and choice of words immediately captured her desire….he stood 6 foot 4 inches with a frame of broad tanned shoulders and masterful muscular thighs ….And from his enormous erect shaft hung large pendulous balls aching be milked…..his deep brown eyes gleamed a healthy glow and his chocolate swirled thick curls delighted her as she wondered how it would feel run her fingers through them…… his movements and manner pleased her...…. and his virility aroused her..... He would be an excellent mating specimen.

The tactical briefing was reviewed with the 20 females gathered before the sharp ocean cliff. Grouped behind their team leaders, the warriors listened their Queen as she reminded them of their duty the Kingdom and the importance of the quest they were about embark upon. The priority of the mission was retrieve the Queen’s chosen mate, however each warrior was also entitled capture one of their own breeding specimens. Each woman was beautiful, powerful and each had a unique skill set comprised of talents ideal for this type of mission. Going into the human realm was always extremely hazardous but the exhilaration of such an adventure and the reward that awaited was well worth any potential danger. The men they retrieved would be required to meet with the Counsel’s approval but as the special guard to the Queen, they were reward for extraordinary and devoted service. Each warrior was given an opportunity to find a human specimen worthy enough to meet the criteria set forth by the Great Counsel and then devise a method of retrieval. All specimens would be retrieved on the Night of Remembrance.

Princess Mia, one of the 20 chosen, starred into the icy blue waters below. White crests smashed against the jagged rocks eroding them into sharp javelins of death. She cringed under her thick fur cloak as her thoughts went back 5 years earlier. She had just turned one and twenty and had been commissioned by her Queen, to go on her first man hunt. She had been well trained and rivaled any of the veteran warriors in the hunting party physically and psychologically. She left the Kingdom with an exuberant excitement and hunger for the hunt as the youngest warrior in this elite team. The Queen had spent a generous amount of time conditioning her to avoid emotional entanglement or attachment. As her sister and elder, she was all too familiar with the challenge of such a quest and knew Mia’s tender heart and strong will.
Mia had been proud of her choice of a man as she had presented him before her Queen. His gentle nature, love of animals and supreme intelligence had immediately attracted him to her. Prior to the mission, she had snuck into the Gazing room multiple times to view him in his world. She had even violated her length of time with him during illegal visits and had befriended him. She had captured his interest and easily had seduced him to fall in love with her. Within a short period of time, she had convinced him to voluntarily leave his world and join her. She promised a life full of adventure and he embraced an opportunity to delve into a society and culture he had only read about in ancient manuscripts from the library. She had struggled with her desire in wanting this man and her defiance of the dictated breeding requirements. She was not the first to challenge the rules in the Book of Union and she understood the consequences. But, in her heart, her love for this man and her desire to be with him was well worth the risk and she was resolute in her endeavor.
Unfortunately, even a Royal Princess had to obey the edict set forth by the Counsel and Queen. Unless circumstances arose extending royal immunity he would suffer as many before. Each man who did not meet mating criteria would be sentenced to death and cast into the sea onto the jagged rocks. Mia’s choice definitely did not possess all of the physical breeding requirements with thinning hair at the temples and a less than athletic physique required by law, but his other valuable qualities, and talents had prompted Princess Mia to champion him as her choice before the Great Counsel and her Queen. She had defended him with fierce determination as she expounded on the many examples of historical law allowing for exceptions and had demanded immunity. But the faces she passed as she strode around the Counsel table, looked unconvinced. Her last great effort was an emotional plea for mercy. continued....

Counsel's decision was announced. Her quiet defiance did not betray the deep pain and loss she had felt as she had heard the verdict of death.
Sizzling Summer Salsa
Posted:Jun 21, 2019 5:19 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2019 7:11 pm

Swaying her deliciously voluptuous hips.....a bright red flowery skirt flowing with each smooth twirl and turn.....tan bare feet tapping sultry salsa music....a tapered waist securing a white peasant blouse and white cotton apron streaked with tomato and avocado...gently gathered capped sleeves off richly tanned shoulders...... pendulous breasts exposed thru sheer soft fabric...... colorful embroidery betraying large pressing nipples.... summer winds blowing thru dark brown curls.....flowing locks cascading down and over shapely shoulders....luscious lyrics tumbling from her wet tongue.....waves of melodic humming echoing thru the window..... a marble counter strewn with confetti pepper slices, limes and cilantra…a plump cherry tomato captured between two juicy ruby lips...... splashes of sweet heat exploding at the tip of a paired tongue and sauce dipped spoon ... the lingering sting extinguished by sips of icy sangria.....
Watching her from the doorway.....amazed at her gorgeous generous shape......captivated by her swanlike neck, erotic movements and tempting sweet sighs ....peeling a garlic clove.....unaware of his presence.....a brief pause and then a return to rhythmic chopping.....then.... the smell of spicy cologne mixing with traces of fresh lemon and basil........the mixture swirling in the air with each turn of the ceiling fan ……a grin blooming on her face .....his nearness sparking a rise in her heartbeat ...…lifting her face to scan the room and then....
A small gasp and giggle as he embraces her hips from behind.......his heat melting into her as his chest presses against her back....his able hands moving to her breasts...encircling her nipples... sighs of desire mounting with each squeeze and roll ...burying his head into her neck....nuzzling her...…. drinking in her scent.....his tongue tracing the sweeping curve to the top of her shoulder....nibbling the left earlobe...feeling a little weakening in her knees and the sweet moan of submission.
Posted:Mar 24, 2019 12:07 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2019 11:31 am

I get approached by a lot of men on here who are married or attached in some fashion to a woman. They are either not getting any....not getting enough or not getting what they want...…
I was recently speaking with someone who shared with me the fact that people who are choosing relationships with married/attached people are getting successfully sued by spouses/SO/Fiance's…...yes....I didn't believe him until I researched it myself....and it actually is becoming a common thing.....with significant damages.....so....I guess like Paul Revere....I am sending out the warning... anyone who wants to fool around like this.... be extremely careful.....I guess you can sue anyone for anything these days.
Minajatwa at Midnight
Posted:Dec 23, 2018 2:25 pm
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2020 10:08 pm

Minajatwa at Midnight
Hours of sexting and phone sex….hours of emails, cybersex and promises of an erotic adventure and finally the day arrives.
Picture a classy five star Hotel suite….an entertainment area with kitchen and three deliciously large indulgent bedroom suites with bathrooms filled with complimentary toiletries and thick Egyptian cotton towels and robes…..huge walk-in showers and candle decorated orchids floating in filled soaking tubs …chocolates on the bedroom pillows..... bright colored but elegant textured pillows arranged on indulgent leather seating…..Everything First Class.
Bedding tossed off one of the king size beds….clothes strewn wildly around the room and even boxers dangling from the chandelier…. Drops of Mia Dolche champagne pooling at the bottom of tapered crystal flutes…. And an empty champagne bottle turned upside down in a bucket of melting ice……blinds shut in the bedrooms but open in the entertainment room with panoramic views of the city and bright shining Christmas lights blazing from businesses and twinkling from apartment buildings…..excited exuberant noises breaching the glass patio doors from the crowds of people packing the streets in anticipation of the countdown…….more bubbly chilling in the fridge…Cum tasting contest foods stacked on the counter and left over Wedding cake and Chinese cartons filling the frig…..Sex toys left in Santa’s red sack in the chair near the door except for the three currently in use…masks and streamers, kazoos and confetti towering on the coffee table near the open monopoly game. A gifted fruit basket and two buckets of popcorn with rented movies lay under the hotel Christmas tree with other unwrapped wedding gifts. The scene painted for an extraordinary celebration.
A steamy sultry curvy bambi eyed ruby lipped brunette with large pendulous breasts and milk leaking nipples wearing crotchless lace black panties…..stands with one knee bent …. pussy exposed and flashy red painted nails adorning an elegant foot curling up on the edge of a side table, black fish net stockings extending up her voluptuous thighs…… legs open wide to receive his large warm thick fingers…The tall dark handsome goatee wearing Grizzly of a man…..dipping into her dripping vault……tasting her delicious sex juices in between long drags on her breasts…his dark brown eyes mesmerized by her moans of delight… arousal building….Muscles tightening….firm yet gentle nuzzling of her breasts and then rooting to find both nipples as he latches on more firmly…. desire and arousal increasing…fluid dripping down her upper inner thighs as well as down to her anal opening…....Then….in a flash….a few sprays of milk to his face….a chase onto the bed and deep intense kissing as he pins her against the fresh white sheets…searching and exploring her mouth hungrily…. taking her tongue prisoner….starring into her dreamy dark shiny eyes ……arching and giggling she wriggles attempting to escape….a mischievous smile spreading over her wild angelic cheeks....starring back at him …. and then relaxation and complete submission to his demands for more
…… intertwining her fingers with his….. entering into her sacred vault….her muscles closing her door tightly around him…...crazy wild with passion pleasure and desire….. repeated climax sessions….melting into each other’s arms….becoming one.
INTERMISSION: Well hold on…..there is more……At this point I will include a WARNING to those of you who prefer a Traditional safe sexual adventure……there are no filters or limits beyond this point.
At this part of the story…your hot juices are leaking…… your imagination is running wild….wondering what these two are going to do next. Physically your cocks are swelling, tingling and throbbing and the adventurous women reading this are pooling male craving female liquid in their panties as waves of excitement bubble up into butterflies and naughty thoughts….…..
We will add the third element to the story…..A tall Nordic broad shouldered blond haired blue eyed male sub wearing a leash collar and chastity belt gives the dark tall and handsome hunk a peace sign anal massage while sucking on the Rubenesque Goddess’s red painted toes as she forces them down his throat….excited in this uncomfortable pleasure the Nordic Viking starts to leak precum despite the constraints of the device.
Thinking to yourself WOW…… this is getting even hotter but sounds more like a game of twister than a real minajatwa….right?…..who says three is a crowd…..sometimes more cooks in the kitchen make a spicier dish.
Two more guests arrive to the party as the sub opens the door and carries in the luggage. The one woman takes off her red faux fox fur coat flaunting her deliciously curvaceous naked body gleaming from sprays of glitter…..her gold stilettos glow from pressure lights that line the underside of the shoes …..her pussy full and curly with a red hue to match her flaming auburn hair shines bright with glitter…..her creamy white flesh…. soft and dimply and her large breasts full and heavy hanging to either side of her chest sway as she saunters toward the Nordic sub….His mouth open….his cock tingling he kneels in front of her….begging to please her…. She pulls his hair with her leather gloved hand and pushes his head into the soft curls of her pussy…demanding that he lick her clean…obediently he gives her his undivided attention and partakes joyfully in this task.
The other guest a towering blond Amazon dressed head to toe in a black leather military coat with thigh high black leather boots stands in front of the window as she morphs out of the coat exposing an open crotch with soft baby bare skinned pussy as well as large breasts..... uncovered and center stage in the tight fit leather Dominatrix outfit...…. showing off her long Madonna nipples with metallic clips. Her long blond locks meeting the rise of her pear shaped bottom, her large lifted buttock rivaling any Kardashian transformation…..large bright blue eyes and a perfect complexion shine like a light as she stands hands on hips like a warrior ready for battle….overseeing her troops in the crowd below….uninhibited by her exposure…. curious observers walk by and point to the reveal…..tossing her head she turns and heads to the black leather satchel next to her suitcase and pulls out a whip, some hand cuffs and a mysterious blue bottle…..the blond Nordic sub turns to her as he finishes his cleaning of the Red fox's pussy and crawls obediently to her….she lightly whips him repeatedly for not coming quick enough as commanded…..he cries with pleasure….and she tells him to beg for an opportunity to anal her while she pegs the Red fox.
Before he can answer her….the couple from the other room emerge…in matching black silk robes…..hair tasseled the brunette wearing a New Year’s hat and the sexy Grizzly male with a naughty smile on his face greet the visitors…..
The sisters drop the role play and run screeching to each other for a big family hug...... the brunette extends her left hand displaying the brilliant diamond ring.....the girls admire it…..The men..... shake their heads as they smile at the three sisters….hugs are exchanged as well as wedding congratulations.
Two minutes to midnight they gather their champagne flutes, and noise makers, streamers and confetti and make their way out onto the balcony as the countdown begins. A Christmas Wedding and New Year's extravaganza all rolled up into one glorious celebration with a few little twists here and there.

There is nothing better than friends and family gathering for the Holidays…….even if it is R rated……….….I wish all of you a Wonderful New Years with many blessings, new beginnings, good health, prosperity, endless adventures and the joy and happiness of spending time with the people you love and care about……Isabella.
Posted:Oct 27, 2018 6:50 pm
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2019 8:03 pm

Cold pellets of November rain stung her face and hands as they made a run for the tent. She slid out of her drenched jeans and sweatshirt and flung them on the ground as he feverishly unsnapped her bra and slid her out of the matching leopard lace panties…The heated tent was getting warmer but her fingers were still icy cold. She unbuttoned his green flannel shirt and unzipped his jeans and peered up at him…..He had a warm smile on his face as he looked deeply into her dark brown bambi eyes. He took his large warm hands, reached for hers and blew his hot breath on them…she could feel the warmth rushing back to her finger tips….he kissed her hands and then brushed his warm lips onto hers…..She could smell his spicy cologne mixed with a hint of pineapple coming from his mouth. He peered down at her large pendulous breasts and large erect nipples and moved both of his hands to feel the small baby bump….her nipples were oozing warm sweet drops of milk….She lifted one of her breasts and offered it to him….He started suckling taking in her entire nipple and a large amount of her areola……she massaged his cock, hips and buttock as he suckled…small whimpers and moans coming from her as he could feel the let-down refilling her ……the pressure and discomfort relieved… gently helping her to the floor….He layered multiple soft white down blankets and multiple pillows of varying sizes and colors on the floor propping her up in comfort…laying his head in her lap…he started to take long drags on her breasts…warm milk dripping deliciously from the corners of his mouth as he greedily drained her.

Just then, a blast of cold wet air entered the tent as Mr. Second loaded with the toybox under his arm and a bag of some food and a large bottle of Jack Daniels walked in. He had moved the Bronco closer to the tent so that they could access the supplies and cooking equipment better. Mr. One stopped suckling, covered her with a down comforter and rose to meet Mr. Second. Mr. One gave him a long luscious deep welcoming kiss. He could taste the whiskey on Mr. Second’s lips and feel the rough mustache and beard as he hungrily returned the kiss…. Mr. Second handed Mr. One the toybox and Mr. One started emptying the contents. There were handcuffs and blindfolds, butt plugs and vibrators and other assorted sweet selections from their private sex room at the townhouse. Mr. Second reached out and slapped Mr. One’s bent ass and was rewarded with a submissive smile. Mr. One crawled to Mr. Second on his knees…….took off Mr. Second’s boots and then undid his belt…..pulling down his wet jeans…..Mr. Second’s cock was already erect pushing through his underwear leaving a wet area at the peaking point. Mr. Second took Mr. One’s head and pushed his face into the underwear…and Mr. One started smelling and licking the bulge…..peering up at Mr. Second…he smiled and started tugging and pulling at the underwear with his teeth…revealing Mr. Second’s 10” cock….it saluted like one of those big ass old cannons from a Spanish Galleon.

She opened the blanket to reveal her naked pregnant body and Mr. Second smiled as she beckoned him to her …..lifting her large full breasts and describing the discomfort from the accumulating milk…Soon both men were nestled on either side of her suckling her breasts and gently rubbing the baby bump…..Mr. Second finished draining her first, got up and moved behind Mr. One…..He caressed Mr. One’s ass and encouraged him to reposition on all fours as Mr. One continued to suckle her…..Mr. One’s tight cycling ass was slapped several times by Mr. Second creating a rosy glow and mild swelling. Mr. One yelped in surprise but secretly loved the attention……Mr. Second smiled and started to rim Mr. One with his tongue, then lollypop his ass hole and finally sucking on it...... squeezed the butt and hips and massaged his inner thighs. He then took his huge middle finger and inserted it in Mr. One’s ass deeply probing….massaging and pumping with his hand….Mr. One started moaning and whimpering as he continued to suckle the pendulous breast…...until he just couldn’t take it any more ……. He stopped suckling and begged for Mr. Second to enter him…..Mr. Second made him stand and bend forward holding on to the folding table tucked in the corner near the heater....Mr. Second applied lube to his magnificent cannon while Mr. One assumed the position ……. Mr. Second inserted his cock first slowly inching inside and then finally with one massive thrust……..Mr. Second started banging Mr. One...…. and Mr. One started to yelp and howl like an injured animal as his hips were forcibly pumped…….his cock growing and dripping droplets of precum with each pounding……Mr. One begging for more….and more until he heard Mr. Second erupt in a huge roaring climax…emptying hot cum like a torpedo into Mr. One…..there was so much that it began dripping out of Mr. One’s ass and down his leg…..Mr. Second pulled out and then turned Mr. One around…..made him get on his knees and instructed him to to start cleaning up…..Mr. Second knew that Mr. One loved this part…..and patted the man’s head ……. Mr. One meticulously licked and kissed the instrument of his intense pleasure. Mr. Second then helped him up and kissed him….twisting his nipples and telling him he was a good and wanted him to be ready for more later.

Mr. Second then looked down at the gorgeous pregnant blond intertwined in the plush bedding and commanded her to open her legs……She obeyed and he started to lick and suck the soft mounds of flesh that hid the female vault guarding the oblong jewel. Mr. One stood by her….so that she could stroke his cock as she was pleasured by Mr. Second…….Mr. Second inhaled her sensuous sex as he explored her white soft flesh lips….hunting for the jewel with his protruding tongue…pushing thru the curtains to his desire…...her creamy juices soaking his beard and mustache……then finding the jewel and using his large lips to surround it….adding just the right suction to cause her to emit screams of extreme pleasure and shooting fountains of female nectar ……Mr. One getting aroused by the noises….. straddling her while standing and offering his balls for her to suck…..

She accepting the gift of the warm heavy bald low hung balls presented to her ….. licking them…tenderly kissing them and then taking one at a time completely in her mouth….pulling and milking them while massaging from his ass to the base of his balls…careful not to be too vigorous….……then switching and engulfing the other large egglike mass into her mouth….firmly sucking and milking it as she massaged his groin deeply. His muscles contracting and tension building in Mr. One….squirming from arousal….his cock growing fully erect with a massive purple head and bulging shaft vessels…..She and Mr. Second accepting his load in their mouths and a special load sprayed directly on her breasts and the baby bump.

All three contented and weakened from the evening activities….all cuddled under the plush blankets and cushions….Mr. One spooning her and Mr. Second spooning
Mr. One…..round two to start in the early morning hours……
First Story
Posted:Oct 2, 2018 10:49 am
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2019 3:40 am

Lilly grabbed the towel and stepped out of the steamy shower. Bent over she dried her long shapely legs...then her round voluptuous hips and buttock and then reaching for her large pendulous breasts...gently dabbing them with the soft cotton..... assessing her erect nipples.......several drops of milk beading....pooling and then dripping....little rivers of milk flowing down her body.......
At that moment....a knock at the door....He is naked, tan with strong thighs and a tight buttock...his cock firm and large and his huge balls lifted in attention to her......She smiles, lifts a breast and says in a soft sultry voice......."just in time".......beckoning him to her like a sailor by a siren.....her long blond wet waves of hair draping her shoulders and back.....her lovely full breasts swaying with every little movement....her green eyes melting his blue in desire....dipping her finger in her breast milk and placing it on his tongue and lips.....desire pulsing thru him...hypnotized by her ......completely entranced by desire....hunger.......he sweeps her up in his arms....she nuzzles into his neck....smelling him....kissing him.....she lifts a breast..... positions her nipple in his mouth as he latches on firmly....he sucks long and hard as he carries her off to the bed....he throws her on the bed and she giggles then gets to her knees and starts spraying him with her breast milk.....he says "Oh no you don't....that is all mine....we aren't going to waste one drop" and he lunges for her and pins her to the bed. She smiles and giggles and can feel his cock rubbing against her. He reaches down and kisses her long and hard.....exploring every part of her mouth....his heat blending into hers. She responds and hungrily kisses him back.....She expands her kisses to include his chin and eyelids....his earlobes and his neck......he flips her on top of him and she sits straddling him with her large breasts swaying in front of him.....nipples erect and pink....he reaches for both breasts and starts spraying milk into his mouth...then puts both breasts together and both nipples in his mouth and starts sucking.......she arches her back feeling the letdown from both breasts at the same time....enjoying his hunger and his need as he empties her....she can feel his pelvis tighten and his sexual desire increase with each suck......she starts to stroke him as he feeds.....she can feel the moisture pooling on her hand as he continues to stiffen......his head getting tighter...she rocks gently as he suckles and she can feel her juices starting to drip....she massages and lifts his large balls as he sucks....with each rocking motion the excitement of her clit increases.....he says he's ready so she mounts him...his cock plunging deep in her....and together they start to rock...she tightening around him...her breasts bouncing up and down with milk leaking onto his chest.....faster and faster....she arching her back small moans that grow louder.. looking into his eyes .....louder groans...him squeezing and lifting her butt.....deep intense thrusts now....calling her name.....shaking and quivering from both.....heavy quickened breathing.....hearts racing as climax approaches.....then an explosion of warmth and shudder of completion as they climax together.. continuing to straddle him she leans forward and kisses him.. he gently flips her over to his side and kisses her back......he spoons with her thru the night....content....connected....complete.
Fantasy Suite 1- Italian Stallion
Posted:Sep 30, 2018 7:29 pm
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The saucy brown eyed brunette slid into her vintage cream 356 Porsche. She put her hair up into a quick pony tail to prevent the wind from destroying her curls. Mr. Angelo waived to her from his porch as she stowed her purse and tennis racket on the floor. His crooked little smile lingered as she bent down. Her sheer white blouse revealed restrained 38DD mounds of tanned olive skin with taught nipples pressing thru the fabric Her short pleated tennis skirt revealed long tanned legs. He yelled out...."Bellissima " as she turned the engine over... She waived back and yelled out "Ciao".....Just then, Mrs.Angelo came out on the porch. She took one look at Gina and hit the back of her husbands head with her hand and then started yelling at him in Italian.....Gina was studying Italian but she hadn't yet learned all the unique superlatives Mrs. Angelo was shouting. Gina held out her left arm and maneuvered into traffic.
She glanced at her watch and saw how late she was. She shifted gears and sped into the fast lane. She managed to shave some time off her route by speeding and parking in the employee lot. She grabbed her purse and racket and made a run for the court. He was waiting, pointing at his watch as she ran toward the court. He smiled and shook his head. She knew that if she hadn't tried on so many outfits she wouldn't have been late. But she had wanted to look perfect for him so it had been well worth her tardiness. He was foxy, early 50's, tall dark and handsome, with muscles that rippled with any movement: Definitely a " Cary Grant" in her book. He was one of the most sought after instructors at the Tennis club and this was her second lesson with him. He had a strong Italian accent and shining deep brown eyes that made her melt. She saw him out of the corner of her eye glance down at her cleavage as she bent down to pick up the tennis ball. His warm smile sent goose pimples down her arms.....He was definitely a delicious man....and one that appreciated a couple of large breasts. Little did he know that they were her secret weapon.
On her fifth lesson, he told her that they would be working on her serve. He showed her how to set up the ball and the position of the racket to the net. Then he asked her to try and serve. Her timing was off and she was either overshooting or hitting the net. He put his racket down and came behind her. She fit perfectly into his body. His strong arms shadowed hers as he went thru the motions of the serve. She drank in his scent of spicy aftershave and manly sweat. On the last maneuver, he grazed her right breast with his right arm and she gasped a little. He apologized with a little grin on his face. He did that on purpose, she thought to herself.....lol.....OK... game on.
She was gathering her things together on the bench nearby when she saw his shadow on the ground in front of her and she instinctively lifted her head up to his gaze. He smiled and said with a thick Italian accent, " Gina, you know that Friday is your last lesson and I want to take you out to celebrate." Surprised at the invitation, she swallowed and accepted. He continued telling her that she had made great progress and he wanted to recognize her for all her hard work. The date was set. The restaurant was chosen. Now, what was she going to wear?
Zara, her best friend, came over to help her pick out the outfit. Coming out of the shower, Gina turned on the radio and started to brush her hair on the bed. Zara had placed her choice of outfits on Gina's bed and was looking at Gina's clutch collection. With each stroke of her curls, Gina dreamily pondered on the best dress. Zara was a hair stylist for a local TV station. She was a talented beautiful Amazon beauty who stood 6 feet tall, with raven black long curly hair and intense blue eyes. She and Gina had met in college in an English class. Their friendship had grown over the years and their strong bond was more like sisters than friends. They shared everything. Gina had been Zara's maid of honor and godmother to Zara's , Willow. It amazed Zara that Gina had not yet taken the plunge into the marriage/family step of life. Gina was always being pursued by some guy but she just hadn't found the "right guy". Zara and her husband Ralph had even tried to play matchmaker. But, Gina had insisted on finding her own "Mr. Right". She believed God would send her the right guy at the right time and she was willing to wait for him.
Gina would have been happy going anywhere in jeans and a T shirt. Her natural beauty didn't require much embellishment. But when Zara glammed her up, Gina could match any model on the runway. Gina hugged Zara, thanking her for her latest fashion miracle. Zara looked down at Gina and said," hun you had better milk those before you go"..... Gina giggled......Only Zara was aware of Gina's little secret. Zara asked...."so when are you going to tell him?".....Gina responded..."I am working up my courage to introduce the subject....we just aren't anywhere near that kind of intimacy"....Zara answered....."some guys are weird about lactation......it is better just to be up front about it"....."OK, OK Mom"....Gina sighed. She starred at Zara for a moment.. Zara was so beautiful.....she oozed motherhood, family, and wisdom. Zara said, ''You know Ralph was into suckling even before we had Willoe. It was foreplay for him and he hasn't stopped.....He loves it!...... and you know after a hard day fighting crime on the streets, suckling takes all his stress away.....it transform him from a lion into a lamb.
Gina chose the black dress. It was fitted lace and she had to wriggle into it with Zara's help. It had elegant cap sleeves and it clung to her curves and came to her mid thighs. It left nothing to the imagination. Zara had paired it with a shiny pair of black stilettos. And of course the highlight of the dress was that it had a plunging neck line that accentuated her breasts. She decided not to wear any earrings, grabbed the sleek silky black clutch and a gallery ring that accentuated her bright red nails. She sprayed on some Obsession perfume, painted her luscious lips with a bright red liner and bounded down the staircase with her paisley wrap in hand. Zara yelled out, "good hunting" as Gina roared off in the direction of Salitori's. She handed her keys to the cute valet who gave her a whistle as she got out of the car. His eyeballs were glued to her breasts as she glided out of the roadster. She smiled, turned and started walking toward the restaurant entrance with her long dark curls bouncing with each runway stride.
Gina gave her name to the hostess and was escorted back to the table. To her surprise, she saw a gathering of about 20 people at an extended rustic table including her instructor and his wife. She laughed at herself and thought...."you dummy".....of course he would be happily married to a gorgeous Italian " Lolabridgida" look a like. I guess she didn't need to reveal her little secret to him tonight.....she smiled and graciously took her seat. She was determined to make the most of this dinner and enjoy the company.....She introduced herself to the people sitting around her, merged into conversations and even bonded with one of the students who shared her love for vintage cars. Then her instructor, clinked his wine glass with a fork and gave a toast and congratulated all of his students for embracing the sport of tennis and taking the first steps to it's mastery. The food was delicious and after starving for the past week to fit in this ridiculous dress, she happily indulged. She even had some tiramisu and an expresso which ordinarily was off her menu. Throughout the dinner, Gina's eye kept wandering down toward the other end of the table to a gorgeous 30 something GQ guy. She had made eye contact with him several times and had exchanged smiles with each glance. At one point, she got up to go to the ladies room. She was turning the corner to go inside, when a deep voice called her name and a large warm hand touched her arm. She turned and there he was, the gorgeous GQ guy...….instinctively she said....."Hi". He introduced himself as Paul, her instructor's . Intrigued, she listened closely to him as he shared with her bits of his life. He was unmarried, gainfully employed as an architect, lived in Italy and would be here visiting for about 3 weeks. He confessed that he was enchanted by her and asked if she would spend more time with him. They talked for 2 hours after the dinner that night sipping on some Chianti, exchanged and arranged a date for Saturday.
Gina had been Paul's guide to the tourist traps over the past 2 weeks but she had made sure to share with him the best of her little world as well. She took him to the beach, biking and even got some scalped tickets to a couple of sold out baseball games. She took him to the movies, a local amusement park and shared some of the best food truck food in the city. He cooked for her a couple of times and she found that he not only knew how to cook, but he was so good he could have challenged any of the best chefs in town. He did sail better than her and beat her hands down every game of chess they played. But, she outdid him in monopoly and gave him a run for his money with her special muscle melting massages.
Tonight was special. He was going to be leaving in a few days and she had decided to cook for him. Now for Gina to cook, was pretty much a miracle. She had pleaded with Mrs. Angelo to help with the menu and to guide her with the prep work for the meal. She had gone to Garamuccii's down the street and picked up everything on the list Mrs. Angelo had made including the ingredients for her special rice pudding recipe. Gina had set the table, put the fresh cut flowers in a vase and found the lighter for the candles. She had romantic Spanish guitar playing in the background and she had puffed every pillow on the couch. She surveyed the room, sighed in relief and headed to the bathroom. Her biggest challenge would be to make sure nothing burned. She grinned to herself. She had put something special in the rice pudding and it would be interesting to see if he would be able to taste the subtle substitution.
She was just about to jump in the shower when the front door buzzer rang. She threw her robe on and ran to the door thinking it was Mrs. Angelo with some last minute suggestions or instruction. But to her horror it was Paul. He was an hour and a half early. He smiled. kissed her gently on the lips, grinned at the robe and handed her a bottle of Dolce' Mia Champagne and one long stem red rose. "Thank you" she said. "Did I tell you the wrong time?" He said …."No.....I thought you might need some help in the kitchen"...…She bent her head to smell the rose as she closed the door, smiled and scrutinized him for a minute....he had a mischievous smile on his face. " Oh no you didn't" she said....."You scoundrel".....
Paul slowly snuggled up to her and grabbed the tie to her blue robe, put it in his mouth and slowly pulled on it....and it opened....he put an arm around her waist and pressed her close to him while indulging in a decadent deep kiss. He starred into her deep dark brown eyes with an intensity Gina had not seen before. Gina's breasts were full and she could feel the leak of milk from her breasts. Up to this time, she had manually expressed and pumped before going out with Paul. She hadn't discussed her active lactation with him and had been wondering what he would think. I guess she was about to find out.
She had never thought about lactation until she started falling behind on her bills and school loans. She hadn't told anyone except Zara about her decision to sell her milk because she thought no one would understand. The idea had blossomed after a conversation with a pregnant classmate.. The classmate had continued to pump after her baby had turned 6 months to make extra money. She sold her milk weekly to a milk bank. She shared with Gina that it really was an easy way to make lots of extra cash for really little effort. It hadn't been easy inducing but Gina had done it. She had loved how her breasts had increased in size and her nipples had lengthened. Her self confidence had soared and surprisingly, lactation had unleashed in her other erotic desires that she had shared with several lovers.
Paul's kisses lingered and were so intense she felt her lips tingling with excitement.....he moved to her neck and ear lobes....She felt herself melting and her knees weakening....he knew exactly how and where to kiss her....his touch was amazing.....His hand caressed her neck and shoulders and she felt helpless to stop him....he was insatiable in his desire for her.....She managed to whisper....."I thought you were going to help me with the dinner?"....he momentarily stopped and said to her in a husky hungry voice...…"you are the dinner".....and then continued to work his way down her body....He removed the robe and stopped and just starred at Gina's beautiful body.....Her large breasts started to leak milk. His eyes became transfixed on her breasts.....He was utterly amazed as the droplets of creamy white goodness dripped from her nipples. She took her finger...dipped it in the creamy liquid and brushed his lips. He licked the liquid with his tongue and smiled....."so sweet" he said....She brought her one breast up to his mouth.....he used his tongue to lick her areola teasing her before he instinctively nibbled on the nipple....sucked on it lightly and then fully latched on.....there had been no hesitation....no awkwardness...the deep erotic pulsations he evoked in her sent ripples throughout her entire body.....she noticed her breathing start to quicken.....and she could also feel his manhood push against her...small quivers erupting in his thighs as he sucked harder on her nipple....draining her...…..milk sloshing in the other breast and beading out as he suckled the first.....the sensation of milk let down was intoxicating to her......her desire growing...…matching his growing desire....She reached down and started unzipping his pants....his cock enlarged and pushing thru just as she got to the top button......allowing her to start stroking first his staff and then his large balls.....using her other hand she maneuvered his pants down while he continued to suckle and drain her......she could feel her female curtain leak delicious swirls of fluid that pooled into actual drops and leaked down her leg....he lingered at the breast...entranced by his need to have her..... his desire to.drink all that she had...….and to take her..... blocking everything else....
Temporarily filled.....he rolled her onto her back onto the couch.....working his way down her body....tasting....licking.....nibbling.....while she crazily worked her hands thru his hair....massaging his neck and shoulders.....arching her back...... gently scraping her nails into his back as he slowly devoured her........spreading her legs for him and lifting them to rest on his shoulders.....simultaneously.....lifting her....tilting her hips....angling her so that his access and her pleasure was maximized.....smelling her....tasting her juices dribbling and leaking down onto her inner thighs with the tip of his tongue..... then using his tongue to stroke up and down her thighs....driving her crazy with more desire...….teasing her muscles and fluffy pillows of flesh that conceal the entrance.....then boldly probing the entrance....pushing in and then retreating.....passion building.........and once inside greedily diving deeper....searching until finding a growing throbbing quivering mound.....Moaning his name.....louder as he explores every inch of her vault.....returning to her swelling aching mound as the pitch in her voice changes...…just when she can't take it any longer....when her breathing quickens and her heart pounding throbs send pulsations to every part of her body...….rocking hips.....getting faster and more desperate.......female juices spurting with every swell....screaming his name.....climaxing and then erupting in quivers of delight.....warmth spreading all over her.....breathing slower....heart calming.....him watching her in amazement..... holding her.....kissing her.... she nuzzling into him.....connected.....
That night was the beginning of a passionate hunger of give and take...and sharing with each other.....bonding and capturing a closeness that would continue for years to come.....building a family including 3 precious beautiful and talented and a lifetime of adventure...….erotic lactation continuing into old age...
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Do you know what I would do with a large ice cube right now...sitting on your lap with just a T shirt on........brushing your lips gently with the ice cube.... pushing it in your mouth just a little...then putting it in my mouth...... slowly licking it and then gently kissing you....then using it to trace down your neck and shoulders and onto your chest.....cooling you down....reaching down to kiss you...…. more cool...wet long deep kisses......taking the melting ice cube...... finding my nipples thru the T- shirt....rubbing the ice cube over them....responsive....erect …...so cold.... nice and hard for you.... lifting up my shirt up...... revealing two large swollen breasts....filled with milk.... icing the nipples and then latching on....the warmth of the milk cooling as you suckle.....intermittently icing the nipples to keep the milk cool as it goes down your throat....draining one breast and then going to the other...…..mmmmmmmmmmmm
Happy Hour
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He opens the door and drops his briefcase and jacket…….his tie already loosened…..his sleeves rolled up….She stands in the door way….posing against the wall…..curly short blond hair in disarray, piercing deep blue eyes….wearing his white dress shirt and his cum soaked briefs from the night before……smiling and biting her plump lower lip gently…..voluptuous large creamy breasts and soft generous pink erect nipples partially covered by his shirt….soft tummy bump showing with a diamond belly button piercing …...petite firm muscular legs leading to raspberry pink painted toe nails. Ceiling fans shifting the smell of sex and coconut suntan lotion……stepping toward her…catlike movements toward him…. reaching for his tie…guiding his head down to her……...brushing her lips slightly over his…..leaving a sweet hint of pineapple on his tongue……intoxicating smells of sex mixed with orange blossom floating up to his nostrils…….lingering moist heat…. starring into his deep green shiny pools of desire …peeling him layer by layer…...steering him to the couch……..orchestrating a symphony of nakedness…..leaving the loosened tie around his neck……leaning into him….. her tongue tracing his lower lip…..pushing in gently……demanding entry……gaining entry.... exploring his moisture…smelling and tasting a remnant of whiskey……...cupping her left breast with his hand while rolling her erect nipples between his fingers……soft gasps and moans escaping from her….. hips rolling toward him with the arching of her back….milk dripping from the nipple onto his hand…..spraying milk in his mouth...…. droplets of cream….desperately grasping for her other breast….putting both nipples in his mouth…burying his face in both breasts…...sucking in both areolas….and taking in long drags….swallowing leading to gulping of engorged nectar……a fountain of let down cascading out of her into him…. massaging his neck and shoulders………twirling his golden brown hair between her fingers…caressing his scalp with endless circles ….releasing all tension in his neck…..his whole body relaxing…..contentment rising…….peaceful surrender transfusing into his body……stroking him gently…..slightly pulling on his sack of jewels….tugging and milking them…..deep massaging of his groin…..More vigorous suckling with arousal………stiffening…..hardening…..precum leaking……tension building….
Latch release….teasingly spraying his face with warm milk…...flash of white.....fleeing off the couch…….giggling......trying to get to the safety of the bedroom………leaping to catch her……trapping her around the dining table…...grabbing her hips and throwing her over his shoulder…. more giggling..... shrew submission… milk leaking……milk trail to the pool….hot peach sunset starting….. pink purple clouds floating into pre-night…..SPLASH……gentle waves…..soaked and laughing….drawing her in his arms…. clinging wet clothes melting from her soft warm flesh….. mounting him ……facing him…. licking the water from his nose and chin….deep delicious kisses…rocking …gentle thrusting ….melting into each other…..climax drawing the night out and the sun into bed.
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The Siren
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The Siren.....long thick red curly hair down past a human's knee covering her large voluptuous breasts.....the man naked and tied with magical seaweed......the more he wiggled to escape the restraints the tighter they became.....in her hand...a whip of sea grass....her high pitched voice piercing his ears as she makes her demands.....Commanding him to suckle her breasts and partake of her magic milk.....a creamy intoxicant that would turn him into her servant and sex slave forever....Touching his face with her long elegant fingers.....her nails stroking his face and chest.......nibbling on his neck with soft luscious lips .. bringing her large nipples to his mouth but he turns away..... She presses against him, moves his head toward her and starts to kiss him....her intense brilliant blue green eyes fixed on his.... trancelike desire.....licking his upper lip....parting his mouth with her tongue.....then slowly opening his mouth and deeply kissing him.... her mouth tasting like salty sweet sea water... probing his heat and sucking on his tongue....her breasts pushing against his chest as she hungrily explores him....magical white cream dripping on his chest...his skin tingling as the drops linger and penetrate….... milk pooling down over this cock and balls...causing them to tingle as well......whispering in his ears the sounds of the sea.... a dreamy feeling overtaking him.......disconnecting him from reality...…...lights dimming…. stroking.....her tongue wrapping all around his cock....coaxing and tightening and then releasing ....engulfing his balls in her mouth....strong sucks taking his breath away.....milking the base of his cock until his precum seeps...his cock stiffening and starting to throb...her tongue dipping into the precum and tasting it.....then engulfing his cock again completely.....the man moaning louder…...his cock meeting resistance in her throat and then her voice erupting in moans and intense vibrations....erupting spasms reaching his cock....shaking him..... driving his desire for her...unable to stop her…weak in her desire…her breasts leaking more creamy magic liquid on his legs...more intense tingling and warmth..
She offering her breasts again to him.....refusing her but weakening...... stroking his cock as she offers again....unable to resist any longer…..greedily licking and sucking her large nipples....her moans intensifying...him latching on and sucking deep and hard....drinking in her milk....gulping.....dribbling white cream from the corners of his mouth.......sending warmth all over his body....sending him power and strength....his erection large and hard.....the seaweed restraints loosening.....more desire for her emerging... arching her back and offering him entry.....him penetrating.....thrusting violently into her.....moans.... gasping.... high pitched dreamy sounds....she submitting to him....her strong muscles clamping on his manhood......swelling around him...intense vibrations and tension...….climaxing........large long streams of cum entering her....mixing with her juices.....both drained....both relaxed....seaweed gone.....transformation complete....
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