Seeking the Impossible  

Txgirl4504 46F
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7/19/2019 10:01 am
Seeking the Impossible

How many times have you found yourself on a journey for something you thought would be easy? You think to yourself, if I do XYZ this should be a piece of cake. You start off enthusiastic and hopeful that this journey will be quick & rewarding. During your journey you find that things are not what they seem. At the end of your journey you think you have found what you are seeking and are ecstatic! Disappointment soon sets in when you realize that your journey has ended with a reward full of conditions. You are left saying WTF! Why did I waste my time? You question whether you should go on or give up all together. What do you do?
My impossible journey is to find a woman who I can share a long term relationship. Another mom, wife such as myself. Everytime I think I have met someone the condition that comes up: i will only be with you if you are ok with my hubby/other being involved, When I then respond with the same condition, I get "no thanks" "not what we are looking for" or ignored all together.
How many of you out there can relate? Am I alone in this?

forgotforgetting 52M
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7/19/2019 10:48 am

Sounds like my efforts to pick a restaurant for dinner.

Seriously, it's a common swingers' dilemma. There is no good answer for it. All you can do is be patient and hope the right situation develops.

Good hunting and welcome to the blogs.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Motomad13 52M  
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7/19/2019 11:23 am

Hi there, pleasure to know you all. I think you may be missing the point... a journey is journey, a learning experience which will make you grow as a person, experiences, open mind, be happy “traveling” and when you talking about relationships well that is the ultimate never get there journey... all is there is the pleasure to fulfill dreams, your grows as as un individual, as sad is about you not about others... cheers Giulio

Lkn4funwith2 54M
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7/19/2019 11:57 am

You need to be patient, and you will find the right person. Do not give-in to someone else's conditions because you will not be happy. There IS someone for everyone.

Txgirl4504 46F
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7/19/2019 12:18 pm

Thank you all for your advice and outlook. I really appreciate it. I guess the key in this is patience. 😐

BendMeOver278 28F  
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7/19/2019 12:27 pm

I agree so much with Lkn4fun. Just keep looking. Try whatever you want to, but never do it just because you feel you need to compromise.
Happy hunting!

DustMackattack 40M
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7/22/2019 12:20 pm

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jsta933k 41M
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8/12/2019 11:20 pm

Patience is key. It may be a day, a week or even months. Ultimately, your wants and desires should be the priority. You'll eventually find someone who's looking for the same thing. Good luck.

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