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Fuck Christmas and lets do Litmas  

Yourdaddy15here 44M
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12/24/2020 9:46 am
Fuck Christmas and lets do Litmas

hate this fucking Holiday Fuck Christmas!

Honstly fuck this whole time of year really. I know that after halloween its going to really suck for a few months. No girls in skimpy outfits, no pool parties and my dick turns into an inny to keep from frost<b> bite. </font></b>SO fuck christmas.

Its not just the regliuous stuff either (but fuck that), its the music, the cheery attitudees, the red and green every where, the fucking christmas coffee cups and did i say the fucking music....AAAHHHHHH!!!

So this year the 12 days befor christmas im getting lit as fuck off a different drink or drug; and on Litmas eve, (Yes Litmas, not a typo) im going all in on as much as i can, and maybe by the grace of olde saint Dick ill even get laid.

So I say to all my new friends turn up tlonigh, merry fucking :Litmas and i hope you all get laid, or at least I do.

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