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Got beef? yep
Posted:Sep 19, 2019 4:43 am
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2019 1:14 pm

Ok i got a real beef read alot of articles about the big hype and what ppl are saying about the newish trend of the plant based burgers and meats and the companies that promote and sell these products...I read about what the " stars ' and the " celebs " are saying about what wonderful products they are ...ok have you seen what some of these Celebs look like?
Ellen Degenerate ...yes i spelled it as i see it is quoted as saying " Eat less meat or none at all." telling at least 78 million followers come on ppl! she looks like walking death ,,seriously i am not kidding ..I read not so long ago about the amount of make up she uses, when she goes on aire the ppl does her make up are so fustrated because they cant get her colour right because her skin is so dry and pasty if we are supposed to cut our meat consumption or cut it completely we get to look like her and have to hire a make up artist?...Maybe!
Point being " its better for you and its better for the environment and of course its better for the amimals" ..Huh? Whats better ? having starving animals thats gonna drop dead because we let them all live in our back yards eating all the grass and then when the grass is all gone they drop dead from starvation? hmmm way better because its gonna take alot of time and effort to drag the bodies , dig the holes and bury them because eating them would be " bad for the environment and better for the animals?" When someone discovers the ingredients that go into these products are so bad that more and more ppl are coming up with ailments because of the consumption of something with " god knows what " because i cant even spell most of the ingredients that go into the making of meatless plant based burgers, sausages etc,,,they used to say weiners and bologna are scrapings off the floor in the slaughter houses we can almost say the meatless products are no different ? Maybe!
I like my meat and wont give it up and if someone were to come along and say those things to me well they better be running...!
The fishy place new audit of pics!
Posted:Sep 19, 2019 3:53 am
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2019 5:14 am

I was just reading on google app about the Plenty of fishy places audit of filtered face apparently over the course of months they have decided to audit those pics that are so heavily filtered that others are feeling uncomfortable because they want more lifelike images of men and women who have taken to filter their own images heavily because of course men and women feel that they will be judged by the more natural picture...The process has already begun and it includes over 70 million faces...
Online dating has become so intimidating to the users that they have taken to perking up their own natural face pics , some say they feel that they have to because their own natural image has no appeal...The site will focus primarily on lens filters and overlayed digital maybe you can get away with light color filters to hide blemishes or make yourself appear slimmer....The site is now encouraging users to present a more life like image of themselves..Members are saying they want more of a natural look when they make choices as to whom they wish to contact..Members also stated that they wish to see more information on all profiles ...
**** ok personal opinion here : I am on the fishy place , have two face pics up close of me and the pics are more natural than most i am allowed to put a few pics on that show other things like my car and bike for example...The site has sent me more than several messages ..suggesting i upgrade so i can do after several attempts to put updated pics of my car they keep telling me i cant do that because it violates policy and i am a squealer yes thats right ...if i am not allowed to put suggestive or nude pic on my profile then why should someone else be allowed to put vulgar memes or dick pics etc on their profile? I think that site should be culling the faceless profiles, the profiles that have real nasty memes on it and those who are seeking hook ups stated in their profile they are married and seek sex...yes they do say that in their profile why is it wrong for the site to hound one and not give a shit about someone who violates the policy? sigh! They ought to clean it up all right!
This is real rich !
Posted:Sep 18, 2019 2:19 pm
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2019 3:21 am
Every morning when i get up i open the google app on phone and read the stories while i am having tea ...There is always a giggle or three and the last ..oh say 6 months there have been numerous stories about sharks....Saw a shark, captured a shark, dove with sharks etc etc....
Now there seems to be a large of sharks up and down the coast some stories about large great white sharks seen swimming in our waters here around Atlantic Canada NS, PEI, New Brunswick etc...we have a large of all different species of whales and thats where the whale watching tours make scads of ...
I was scoping the stories a couple days ago about one whale watching tour not far from here in the Bay of Fundy nearer to NB ..The whale tours are most generally sailing out from around the Digby area ..Of course you dont always see the whales you may see alot of different sea life and sharks..our waters are still warm and the Gulf Stream keeps the water temperate for lots of sea life and the seals are particularly playful and tend to scope out anything unusual and are fond of swimming around the boats...
One whale watching were amused a of seals were chasing some fish , trying catch their meals, one seal caught its fish and came up the boat and the crowd watched as it ate its fish...awww thats so cute says one woman...clapping her hands ..the next second she screamed as a hugh shark came up under the seal and devoured it turning the sea red with blood....awwww thats not so cute is it? Apparently she was so traumatized that she cried all the way back port ...all she could say was i cant believe shark ate the seal was so wtf did she think a shark was gonna do? shark should of waited till no one was looking i
Posted:Sep 11, 2019 11:05 am
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2019 6:58 am

Well peeps hurricane Dorian came ashore in the small Province of Nova Scotia as a category 2 hurricane on Saturday 7th...and let me tell you what a ride! Over 400,000 people lost power and there was alot of very large trees split off that dropped over the power lines, cell phone service was completely lost and internet as well...
My basement flooded and when i could finally get a neighbor to start my old piece of shit generator the level was up two feet...Rain in torrents and wind was so extreme when i looked out at my trees some of the younger ones tops touched the ground...Gusts were up to 175 miles an hour in some places and i do believe that..Halifax NS was hit really hard and the wind was so strong it toppled a hugh crane and when the crane crashed down it hit and tore off the roof of the building below and took part of the roof of an apartment complex ..The rest of the apartment building roof was taken by the wind....
In my neck of the woods and around the area trees were uprooted and lay across the pavement ...two at the next door neighbors went down...before i could get pics the guy had his tractor out the next day and pulled them away...water levels at the coast reached 5 meters and flooded the secondary roads...One store Mom and Pops Convienence store including a small liquor store attached caught on fire on Sunday and burnt to the ground ..thats about 5 minutes away from supposedly from a faulty generator...Power to most of NS, PEI, and Cape Breton Nfld was out ..Mine was out four days and finally came on this morning...still says 150,000 people are still without power...suspension bridges were under water because of the high tides...
Well thats about it folks and of course i hope everyone is safe that rode out Dorian ..and hope power is on for them soon ..but according to NS Power it may take another week for all to be restored....
My boy friend's back and your gonna be in
Posted:Sep 5, 2019 5:48 pm
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2019 7:10 pm
Naw its nothing that dramatic I was pleasantly surprised to get a from my friend at the body shop to tell me my car was ready and he was personally gonna deliver it to me this morning..ha ha ...he cant fool me its just because he never gets a chance to drive a rocket ship on wheels...
A couple weeks ago I sent my old car off to the body shop to have the hood repaired after a little mishap with a bird i had when i drove it last .I was rounding a turn in the road and a pheasant flew of the woods right across in front of my car hood height..The bird the intake and cracked it , popped the hood pins and the hood became air borne swooped up over the roof and made a dive down over the duck tail shearing off the antenna which sits just on the top near the trunk near the right fender,,,well needless to say the hood being fiberglass was pretty scraped i sent it off to be repaired fitted and painted ..its finally done..
Now you are probably wondering what kind of car it is ..My late husband owned it for 40 years till he passed three years ago...loved that car and so do i...I drove it a few times before my accident then after it sit for awhile till i could get back to rights now i am back in the swing i will get done what i have to and drive it a few more times till the weather tells me it needs storage...below are pics when he brought it back this morning..enjoy while you are drooling ...
Ok for those who asked or guessed...This is a 1970 AAR ' is one of 1672 made in the production months of March and April of 1970..What sets it apart from the other 'Cudas is the logo behind the strobe stripe and in behind the 'CUDA symbol on the back fender ...This one has a vinyl roof and most do not..the production numbers are not available but there is not many with vinyl roofs..The motor is a 340 small block 6 pak ..that means it has three -two bbl carbs..and packs 150 plus mph..the AAR 'CUDAS were build for speed and not for comfort.....This car is all matching numbers which makes it very desirable all parts on this car is stock which means it has all original parts as it came from the production line....

Tongue twisters ! lol
Posted:Sep 5, 2019 5:48 am
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2019 10:14 am
Hey do you remember when you were a the one time rage was the " art " of the tongue twister? No not that tongue twister ! I see the self proclaimed oral experts on the site here say they but seriously when i was a we did have some real hard tongue twisters was fun to try and say them as fast as humanly possible and we failed is a few just for fun...
Hurt Feelings !
Posted:Aug 29, 2019 1:45 pm
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2019 6:29 pm
Should we bring on the heat ? I noticed lately that there are getting to be alot more people here who get their feelings hurt real I laugh at it because some really cant take a friendly poke at things that really are funny so i do an elbow here are the hurt feeling crew.. now they might brighten your day or might you off even more....

Polar winter coming? lol Polar Coaster ....
Posted:Aug 28, 2019 6:15 am
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2019 3:49 am

Well according to the 203 year old ( Canadian ) Farmers Almanac this winter will be a frigid, frosty and freezing experience like it used to be 45-50 years ago...I remember when i was a growing up in rural NS the winters were filled with snow storms like you dont see now...the drifts were so high that we made tunnels throughout the land..Of course to a who isnt very tall any snowdrift above our heads was awesome...
But now the Farmers Almanac is predicting a return of them days...I remember my Mom buying blankets and comforters all the time , seems when ever she went to town she always came back with a crap load of groceries and blankets ...we girls would find one large bed and all snuggle down boys doing the ..giggling and carrying on till either Dad or Mom would yell for us to get to sleep tomorrow !
Then when we went to school we would be on a bus or had to walk not far , but then it was freezing cold....Then as well there was few things to stop us going to school unlike today some snowflake falls and there is panic and chaos ..nothing stopped the bus from running but then men were the only bus drivers , strong nd made of steel , one roar if we acted up made us sit down and shut up..
Ice skating through the winter we were at it constantly and clearing a spot to skate on the harbor to hockey boys were thrilled ...when we skated on the harbor we went for miles because the harbor was solid ice frozen two feet or more thick..and that was salt water you are lucky to get ice time in a rink where everything is in a controlled enviroment , one mis step or skating too fast you got kicked least here you did...
So maybe the Almanac might be right , we can look at mounds of snow and frozen harbors and dream once again about doing the things we loved as ..after all dreaming doesnt anything but a bit of time..
***** Added post here and this is no bull...I remember my Grandfather using his ox team to break openings on the back roads after a big snow because several women in the communities were pregnant and near to giving birth ..that way the doctor or midwife could get through or the husband could take his wife to the hospital...and i seen pictures of heavy snowfalls blocking the roads and the men and every able bodied man or boy in the community would grab a shovel and clear the roads of ex Mum in law showed me a pic of her husband and other men in the community shoveling snow off the roads....then people worked together for the good of neighbors or the community...
Tropical Depression storm heads our way!
Posted:Aug 27, 2019 5:00 am
Last Updated:Aug 27, 2019 9:48 am

When i got up this morning it actually was cool in the house..Oddly the weather has been cooler than usual for August..I hear alot of people from all over the place crying about the end of summer folks? the summer isnt over yet calm down , get a grip and take a pill its gonna take awhile for things to come back to warmth again..We have a new moon this week and everyone who follows the moon phases like me know when its gonna be cool nights and not so sunny through the days...
If you make a habit of knowing when the moon phases come around you will be prepared for it..Its always cooler through the summer and in winter very cold when there is either a full moon ( which is colder than a new moon) Thats life though folks nothing you or I can do about it but suck it up and accept it...
Now we in Atlantic Canada are expecting that Tropical storm to strike late thursday night and into Friday , and no its not anything to do with Dorian , the tropical swirl out in the Atlantic that is pushing Dorian to land is the one we will get ...tropical storm not hurricane..... so we will experience winds and lots of rain 40 ml in fact..It will be a welcome relief to see the rain, for me anyway because my lawn looks like brown burnt toast...searing hot sun had taken a toll out of pretty much everyone and everything..
Its no big deal to me to sit and watch the rain its well needed..Sure my basement may flood and the sump pump may have a hard job keeping up with it but still its life ! Dont cry because we do get a bit of rain ..After all the crops dont grow themselves and the produce dont just appear in the grocery stores
Saturday morning funnies!
Posted:Aug 24, 2019 4:54 am
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2019 11:45 am
A raucous compliation of random fun and funny !

Well there you go Folks !
Posted:Aug 23, 2019 11:24 am
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2019 6:30 pm

The FBI in the USA have charged 80 people and arrested in the largest online fraud ever .This is the largest scam in US history and is welcome relief to those people who were scammed ..All are Nigerians ( Go figure ) lol The charges are anywhere from laundering , online victims scammed of large sums of from online dating and romance ..The procurement is a staggering $ 46 million operation...The that were arrested were in the Los Angeles area and a few other cities in the USA.
The initial investigation began in 20 with a single bank and one victim said Paul Delacourt assistant director in charge of the FBI"s Los Angeles office.The suspects used a variety of ways to milk from the elderly, individuals seeking romantic relationships and small to large businesses.the suspects convinced them all to online...The Director for the FBI says its a big step in shutting some of these scammers down.
One of the victims only known as F.K in court papers was obviously extremely depressed and very angry about the hugh loss ..The victim F.K is from Japan and she started an online romance with a fraudster named Terry Garcia claiming to be stationed in Syria for an International social network for digital pen pals.They communicated through emails she had to use a translator provided by to turn his English into her Japanese..A couple months into the conversation he claimed he found a bag of diamonds ..Then he disappeared and a representative contacted her saying Garcia had been injured and was in a Red Cross Infirmary and he had given her contact to him and Garcia had given this Red Cross rep the bag of diamonds..
Lomng story short , she was asked to to for Garcias many mounting and she shelled 30-40 payments ,receiving anywhere from - emails a directing her to the to several accounts and was threatened to be arrested if she didnt...Total loss $ 200,000.00 and bankrupt..she had to borrow from family to off to the fraudsters..
******Ok i dont know if some of these people are very smart to to people they dont know or never met but i wont even give to my family that i grew up with ..My Mom needs i would definately do that but the rest of my family not on a wing and a prayer...been there done that and never again...But now when i stop and think about it , sorry but some women and men must be some ever desperate to do that ...glad i am not that desperate , i much rather stay single and miserable
Why should we thank Gawd its Friday?
Posted:Aug 23, 2019 6:31 am
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2019 3:59 am
Hmmm ever wonder why we should? Its the weekend of course and thats People pull all the stops most times to celebrate the end of a long week doing what the work place expects of you and once the hump has been bypassed then its a " working for the weekend " kind of anticipation yes?
Here is a little randomized bunch of memes and other raucous shit to help with the transition of work clothes to shorts

Ohhhh more fun! Cure all for ED!
Posted:Aug 22, 2019 9:08 am
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2019 3:09 am

Marie Furchgott the billionaire founder of Viagra recently appeared on the Dr. Phil show talking about an all natural alternative supplement is supposed to be way more effective than the old stand Viagra and the best part its supposed to be an all natural product. Yaaaay for all the horny drop dick men out there...
About 90% of adult males over the age of 45 suffer from Erectile Dysfunction at one point or another of their lives..and Marie's new product may be just the cure they've been looking for. Marie's product differs from her first product , Viagra in the fact it is all natural.These innovative supplements use natural ingredients to im prove and boost libido. increases stamina and improve the size and duration of the erections.Patients used in the test study cured their erectile dysfunction completely.The name of the supplement is called Testo Drive 365...and has already shared samples of the product with profile clientele ...yes even big shots have
There are numerous amounts of testimonies from satisfied customers and they crow about its effect.some are :
" Best and quickest hard on i have had in years"
" The product has produced the libido and size of my cock and my wife is Satisfied finally more than ever"
" My husband took the pills and in less than an hour he woke up with the hardest cock he was rock hard."
********So there you have it folks now can we count on having more people on the site here screwing and less complaining ? lol How can anyne who has the ED problem keeping themselves from having the perfect ride ?
Testo Drive 365 Enhancement Formula.....get a free trial and come back and tell us ..we are all ears and sweat drips down our thighs in rivets waiting for your results..Claim your free trial and cure all your ails,,,Not sure but the trial is closing soon ...
Stampede!!! lol

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