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Making Up for Being Late  

iowaguy2500 48M
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12/27/2020 6:38 pm
Making Up for Being Late

As the clock reached 5PM on Friday afternoon I was out the office door. It had been a week since my girlfriend and I had made love for the first time. We had communicated in almost every way since Sunday afternoon, but we hadn’t seen each other all wee Through our exchanges during the week, I knew she had had a rough wee Thursday morning she had sent a and asked if we could just grab a quick<b> bite </font></b>eat and hang out at her place Friday evening. I didn’t really have a problem with that. We had agreed just meet at a little restaurant near her place for dinner. I was supposed be there at 5:15. With traffic as it was, I knew I was going be late.

I did my best get the restaurant but didn’t get there until 5:25. As I pulled into the parking lot, my cell phone buzzed. I knew she was texting see where I was. Just it buzzed the second time, she saw me pull into a parking stall near her car. She was standing in the parking and gave me a frown. I got out of my vehicle and quickly walked toward her. She was wearing one of the golf outfits I had picked out the Sunday before. I must have given her a confused look because she said, “What, you don’t like the outfit anymore?” I replied, “You look amazing, I love the outfit. I just didn’t expect to see you wearing it today.” She grinned and said,”Ahh, well today was the office golf outing. Even though I don’t , I decided I would get in the spirit since I now have the outfit.” She paused a few seconds then continued, “And everyone in the office complimented me on the outfit. Thank you for picking it out for me.” I smiled and replied, “You do look amazing and I’m really glad you bought the outfit.” I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and then said,” I’m sorry I am late; got caught up at the office. I apologize and I will make it up you.” She got a devilish grin on her face and said, ”You had better.”

We went inside the restaurant and quickly got seated. Dinner was pretty ordinary with a lot of small talk about the events of the wee When we were done we left the restaurant and she simply looked at and said,” Follow my place.” I nodded and said, “See you there.” I wanted have sex with her so bad, but didn’t want force the issue when we got her place. The entire time I was driving, I was thinking about what we might do for the evening.

When I got her place, she had already pulled into the garage; the garage door was still open. I parked in the driveway and quickly walked into the garage and followed her into the house. She dropped her purse and keys on the table by the door and started down the hall. As she walked she said, “You don’t mind if I change do you? Why don’t you grab us a couple drinks and relax on the couch. I’ll be out in a minute.”

Without a word, I went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. I grabbed drinks and as I closed the door, music came on the sound system in the house. Quickly, I opened both drinks and walked into the living room. I sat one drink on a coaster on the end table and took a sip of mine. Putting my drink on a coaster as well, I took off my tie before picking my drink back up and sitting in the middle of the couch. I sat there for several minutes listening to the music and sipping on my drink not paying too much attention to what was going on around me.

I was a little startled and pleasantly surprised when Ann walked into the living room. I had expected her to put on some of her yoga clothes since that was her normal lounging around attire. Instead, she was wearing an emerald green, strapless corset and matching g-string panties. The corset appeared to be made of a satin like material with some black lace overlay. When I saw her, I almost instantly smiled and became aroused. She walked across the living room and stood in front of me. Bending at the waist, she leaned over and took my drink from my hand. She took a big chug of it and then sat it on the coaster on the end table.

Just as she sat the drink down, a new song came on the sound system. She began dancing to it; swaying her hips side to side, squatting down and spreading her knees apart and tracing her hands over her thighs; bending in front of me. Then she turned around and did much of the same facing away from me. I was so turned on by the show, I wanted to grab her and take her right there, but I decided to let her do her thing and see where it led. She continued to dance for entire songs. At the end, she walked over the couch, straddled my legs, sat on her knees and then down on my legs. The music changed from the dance stuff slow romantic music and I guessed that she had specifically picked out the songs on the list.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes and said, “ I have missed you all week and only want to be with you tonight.” Without a word, I wrapped my arms around her waist and leaned in and began kissing her. The passion was obvious. Our tongues danced back and forth between our mouths. It lasted for almost ten minutes. Finally, she broke the kiss, stood up and took my hand. Looking down at she said, “Let’s take this the bedroom where we can spread out a bit. I stood and she led down the hall her bedroom.

We walked across the room and she sat on the edge of the bed with standing in front of her. I started unbutton my shirt and her hands instantly went for my belt. She had my pants open in a moment and sat caressing my cock through my underwear as I unbuttoned my shirt. I was already hard before she even touched me and her touch almost made me explode. When I had my shirt off, her hands went to my hips inside my pants and she quickly took my pants down and I stepped out of them. She looked up at me and leaned over and placed a kiss on the head of my cock which was still yearning to be released from my underwear. Her hands, again moving quickly, found the waistband of my underwear and took them to the floor. Again I quickly stepped out of them so I was standing naked in front of her. She began to fondle my cock and it felt so wonderful. I thought about letting her go and see where she went, but then I decided, I wanted to please her so bad that I needed to take control of things a bit more. I reached down and grabbed her hands and she stopped her fondling. I gently removed her hands from me and leaned over and whispered, “I still owe you for being late this evening, why don’t you lay back in the middle of this big bed and let me please you.” With that I kissed her on the cheek and looked into her eyes.

She looked at me for a moment, then smiled and slid back to the middle of the bed. She laid back, her head on the pillows, feet on the bed, legs bent and knees together. I quickly followed her, sitting on my knees with her feet between my knees. I placed my hands on her knees and looked down at her. She smiled at me and bit her bottom lip. I started to run my hands up and down her thighs. As I did, my hands moved from the front of her thighs to the inside of her thighs, forcing her legs to separate. After several strokes, I reached between my knees and grabbed her feet and moved them apart so they were on either side of me. I quickly laid down between her legs. She looked so wonderful. I began kissing her gently; first on the inside of one thigh, then on the front of her panties, and finally the inside of the other thigh. I continued this pattern maybe twelve times, each time she lifted her hips to meet my face when it was time for me to place the middle kiss. With each kiss on her panties, she sighed, softly at first but deeper with each kiss. When it was obvious she wanted more, I started to concentrate my kisses on one thigh; my hand slowly tracing up the inside of the other. Finally, when my hand reached her panty line, I slowly slid fingers inside her panties and began stroking her pussy gently, all the time continuing with my kisses on the other thigh. She gasp with the first brush of my fingers, but moaned with each one after that. Again her hips rose meet my fingers with every stroke. I could feel how wet she was getting and knew she was really excited. I decided she needed a little attention from my tongue. Pulling her panties aside with my hand that was already partially inside them, I slowly licked her from bottom to top. She moaned, “ OOOOHHHH YYYYEEEEESSSS”. I gave her a few more slow licks before I decided I needed better access. My hands found the waist of her panties and she knowingly raised her bottom so I could pull them off. I only stopped licking her long enough to quickly pull the panties off her before I returned. When I did return, my tongue concentrated on her clit, circling it several times. Then I sucked it into my mouth and gave it a soft flick with my tongue. I knew she was really excited and wanted to send her over the top so I slowly inserted fingers into her pussy. She was tight and wet and I knew she was ready to cum. She gasped as I buried my fingers in her. All the time my tongue was still focused on her clit. I started to slowly take my fingers in and out of her. She moaned each time I started back in. The pace and my hand moved began to increase and her moaning got louder. Finally, I felt her muscles contract hard and she screamed “ OOOOOOHHHH YYYYYEEEEAAA”. I stopped my hand, but left my fingers in her. My tongue continued to tease her clit while her orgasm progressed. As she started to relax, I stopped teasing her clit, removed my fingers from her and started placing gentle kisses on top of her pussy.

After giving her a few moments to relax, I crawled over her and began kissing her bare upper chest. My kisses progressed upward over her neck to her mouth. As we kissed I wrapped my arms around her. I sat back lifting her with me until she was sitting up. While we continued to kiss, my hands worked to take her corset off. Soon she started helping. After a couple moments of work, while still kissing her corset had been removed. Once it was gone, I wrapped my arms around her again and leaned into her forcing her to lie back again. As soon as she was on her back again, my kisses began to move lower across her neck and upper chest until they reached her breasts. Once there, I spent several minutes focusing on each breast; kissing it, teasing her nipple with my tongue and sucking on her nipple. After spending my time on her breast, I began kissing her again, starting on her sternum and moving lower down her body. I continued to move down her until I was just above her pussy. Then I started to move my kisses outward, across her pelvis to one hip, back to the middle, and then across the pelvis to the other hip. As I moved back toward the middle of her body, I could feel her pressing her hips toward me. I knew she wanted her pussy to get more attention.

Wanting to please her, I moved my kisses lower until I was kissing her pussy again. After a couple of soft kisses I gave her a long slow lick from bottom to top. She moaned and pressed her hips upward, forcing her pussy into my face. After my first lick, I took one of her lips into my mouth and sucked on it, sucking it in and out of my mouth. She began to moan with each suc I moved the other side and continued a similar action on the other side. She moaned even loader. After a few moments of this sucking I decided return licking her. This time I went with more rapid, shorter licks, concentrating make sure each ended on her clit. With only a few licks completed her hips began rise with each successive lick and she was saying “OH YEA” with each one as well. Soon her hand was on the back of my head, forcing my face into her pussy. I just kept licking her. She got louder and louder. Her hips began to rise and fall in a rhythm to maximize my licks. Finally, she raised her hips and kept them there. I knew she was going to cum and I just kept licking her. Soon, she screamed “ OOOOOOOHHHHHH YYYYYEEEEAAAA” and her hips pressed harder into my face. I kept licking her until she lowered her hips and removed her hand from my head. Then I just started to kiss her pussy again.

After a couple of kisses on her pussy, I placed one just above her pussy, one above her belly button, one between her breasts and finally one on her mouth. I held myself above her, looking down at her. She was still flushed and looked so beautiful. I leaned in and gave her a second kiss on the lips. After a quick kiss I positioned myself so my cock was ready to enter her. I held myself there. Without a word, her legs wrapped around my thighs and I steadily pressed myself into her until I was completely in her. As I entered her, she moaned and it continued until I stopped completely in her. She felt amazing, so warm and moist. I paused a moment before I began to withdraw myself. As I began to withdraw, she moaned again and continued as I moved. I stopped when I was about halfway out of her and immediately started to push myself back into her. I continued to push into her and pull out of her, first at a slow pace. Her hips started to grind into mine, matching my rhythm. I slowly began to increase my pace, still only removing myself about half way before starting back in. Her hips kept matching my pace. After a few moments, she said, “MMMMMMM OOOOHHHHH YYYYEEEEEAAAA” as I pushed back into her. I continued this pace for several more thrusts; she continued to moan with each. Moments later, I increased my pace slightly again; she matched me. After a couple thrusts of this new pace, she stopped moaning with each thrust and started saying “OH YEA” with each and every thrust. I could start to feel her contracting around me. This continued for several more moments until suddenly she stopped moving her hips, threw her head back and screamed, “ OOOOOOOHHHHHHH YYYYYYYEEEEEESSSS”. It was too much and I shot my cum deep inside her. She was so tight around me. I held myself deep in her as her orgasm progressed.

After she had relaxed a bit, I withdrew myself from her and rolled over onto the bed next to her. I was lying on my back and she rolled over onto her side and rested her head on my shoulder. Her skin was very red and warm to the touch all over her. We laid there for several minutes before she said, “If that’s what I get when you are late, I hope you are late every time we meet.” I responded, “I’ll give you that any time you want it. It doesn’t have to be because I was late.”

SweetMysterie 48F
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12/29/2020 11:47 am

Best installment of your story yet.


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