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9/21/2019 11:37 am
Play With Me (FAQs)

Last Updated: 10/11/2019

Hello, my name is Marie. Exciting to see you made it here!

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions I get DAILY from guys who contact me.

Are you real?
Yes. Would a fake person go into this much detail?

I emailed you but did not get a reply. Why not?
In my profile, I asked that anyone messaging me include their first name and a face pic. If you did not, then I will not reply.

Are you single?
No. I am in a serious and committed relationship with a man (Sugabear 🐻) who I adore. I play with his knowledge and encouragement and he is directly involved throughout.

Is your man straight?
Yes, he is. He is not even interested in joining for an MFM. He is lifestyle experienced and completely comfortable with everything we do (no drama). He enjoys guiding and recording the fun.

Does your man record/watch? Is he always there?
Yes. He is my sexy porn director and I am his slutty porn-star. That is our fantasy, role-play, kink or whatever you want to call it. It is why I am on this site at all.

How involved is your man during play?
Beforehand, the salacious encounter specifics are laid out so if you are into roleplay and can get into that, that is a definite plus. During play we like for things to unfold as naturally as possible. He is not into guiding the play, positioning anyone or joining for a MFM. He is always hands-off and stays dressed throughout. He will move around to take sexy pics and video and he may talk to me telling me the things that I like to hear that get me more into the fun.

If we play, can I get a copy of the video?
We do not give out copies of the original recording, but once edited (removing faces and anything else personally identifiable) we have no problem sharing the video or pictures.

Do you like BBC? Ever had BBC?
Yes and yes. My man is black. He has a BBC. I am his BBC loving slut. ♠️😍

Are you ONLY interested in black men?
Short answer, yes. I prefer men with a darker skin tone.

Have you ever met anyone from online before?
Yes, and so far every experience has been a good one.

Do you have K1k?
Yes, but only use it for video meets. Do not message me there unless I have asked you to.

Where do you live? Where are you located?
It is one of our rules that I do not play where I live. We like to keep our playtime and play friends separate from our personal and professional lives. My favorite playground areas are:
🌟 South Orange County, CA - San Clemente, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Irvine, Lake Forest, etc. (visit often)
🌟 San Diego County, CA - Carlsbad, Oceanside, Del Mar, Downtown/Gaslamp, Old Town, etc. (visit often)
🌟 Temecula, CA (visit fairly often)
🌟 San Francisco, CA (visit once a year or so).
🌟 Las Vegas, NV (visit a couple of times a year).

When do you usually meet/play?
Weekends. The workweek is usually too busy with day-to-day life.

Do you host?
Yes, I only play/host out of hotels in the area.

What are your favorite positions for sex? What do you enjoy?

❤️ I love to suck cock.

❤️ I love oral giving and receiving.

❤️ I love riding / being on top.

❤️ I want to see how much bigger I can handle.

❤️ Doggy, missionary, and variations of those are great too!

❤️❤️❤️❤️ I just like pleasurable and satisfying sex with a well-endowed and capable playmate and when I play in front of Sugabear I get to release the slutty exhibitionist inside of me.

What are your boundaries/rules?

I know this is the dry and boring part of the play. I get it, but it needs to be discussed...
🚫 No pain
🚫 Nothing extreme (rough, biting, slapping, etc. or otherwise)
🚫 No watersports (urine or feces) or anything unhygienic
🚫 No name-calling, humiliation or degradation.
❗ Body kissing, licking, touching and rubbing is GREAT, but I prefer to initiate any mouth on mouth kissing.
❗ This is not a one-way street. Always be open about your likes, dislikes, and boundaries as well.

Do you play bareback?
I do not. Condoms are a requirement for play and there are no exceptions. While we are on the subject of cocks. I also prefer men be circumcised (sorry, uncut guys) and neatly trimmed below. I always keep my kitty nice and pretty too.

Put it on. Stick it in!

How often do you play?
It really depends on a lot of things like finding the right third (single/solo guy), making sure our schedules match up and locking on a place to play. But, ideally once or twice a month. Sometimes less and sometimes more.


What is your most complimented physical asset?
My booty and my smile. I am a proud Phat Ass White Girl (PAWG) and I love to laugh.

Anything especially kinky you enjoy or have done?
Aside from fucking relative strangers for fun, I have also found excitement being blindfolded during sex so I never really know who it was that just had me. Anonymous sexy romps can be very hot! I have worn a lace leather hood which is somewhat see-through, a simple leather blindfold, and a full leather hood that keeps me in complete darkness.

Any fantasy scenarios or encounters you want to make a reality?
I like the blindfold and anonymous encounters kink like I mentioned above. I also like the idea of a small gangbang of 3 - 5 guys. Those are the fantasies that really get me wet.

Any tips for a guy wanting to join in the fun?
Try to be engaging. Do not assume you know us, what we want and how we do things. All couples/women are not the same. Ask questions and share your own desires, expectations and boundaries. We will not be shy about sharing ours. We always try to be friendly, engaging and respectful while still working towards play. We appreciate the same.

This is how I like to go about meeting a guy on Asian so I am most comfortable for play:
1. From Asian to exchanging numbers for group chat via text (me, you and Sugabear) to get better acquainted and see if there is a mutual interest.
2. We all get on a phone call (show off those conversational skills/voice verify).
3. Meet by Video (you see me, I see you).
4. Meet offline casually (sometimes this is optional).
5. 🔥🔥🔥 Playtime!

If you have any other questions for me feel free to ask! Thanks for dropping by!

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Very..Very nice and HOT!! I love it!! I love Kinky too!! Tie me up!!

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9/21/2019 1:21 pm

Glad to hear there are some real women in here enjoying themselves

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9/21/2019 12:43 pm

OK, well now we all know, here is a starter comment so others can see your post ! Have funn !!

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9/21/2019 12:25 pm

nicely formatted

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