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pizza part 2
Posted:Jun 5, 2016 5:15 am
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2020 9:30 pm

as i stood there with my throbbing cock i could see and feel his eyes lookin me over. i caught him gazing intently at my stiff dick. a warm feeling came across me mmmmmm. he finally looked up after it seemed forever. he smiled and kinda looked away think he even blushed abit. i told him i just got out of the shower and hope he didn't mind. he shy like looked back and said no problem. then kind of joking i said bet you see this all the time. he shock his head and said no. then he said he has herd of story's of this kind of thing. so i was his first very hot! i asked him what i owed him he told me the price. so i walked slowly over to the table my cock bouncing as i walked. grabed the big bill and walk over in front of him. with my stiffy pointing right at him handed him the 100 dollar bill while he was kinda peeking at my cock. he looked at the money and asked if i had anything smaller. kinda joking i stepped back looked down at my cock then said oh you mean the money. he laughed yes but thats nice to. i told him to hold ill go look. i walked to the other room to grab a fifty. while there i pulled my shirt off what the heck might as well. walking back towards him i could see he was looking around at all the things i laid out and the porn on the tv. as i got closer his eyes returned to my dick bouncing as i walked, i handed him the fifty and reached down to give my cock a few tuggs. he looked at the money seen him glanced as i pumped and said i was his first stop did i have the correct amout or smaller yet. i let go of my cock took the money back and said ill go look. so to the other room i went to get the correct money and change. i returned to find him looking around again at all the things and the porn. i handed him the money and reached down to start jerking again. he sat the pizza down on the table knocking the one dildo over as he did lol. he counted the money and said it was the right amount and said thank you. with my hand still jerkin my cock i reached out with my other hand and said this is your tipp. it was a twenty dollar bill. he looked shocked and said really. i told him yes for makin this fun and my fatasty to happen. i quickly told him this is something ive wanted to do for a long time. he smiled and said it was fun! he looked down as i stroked i then said i hope he delivers to me again. he smiled and said yes. or if your ever in the area stop in. he grinned and said ok and with that he left .
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pizza delivery
Posted:Jun 2, 2016 8:12 pm
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2020 9:30 pm

I watch a lot of porn on flashers public nudity public masturbation and deliveries. I find all very hot and interesting. so it got me to wondering if I could pull something off like that. if nothing else it would be a failed attempted or a big turn on. so awhile back I decided to try the pizza delivery thing. was a early Saturday evening I decided to try. I grabbed a nice hot shower jerked on my cock to get myself hard. all kinds of crazy ideas ran thru my head as I dried off. so still nude I placed the order I got more turned on as I spoke to the female on the other end. she said be about twenty minutes and shot me the price. so with done I got myself ready for this bit of fun. I turned the outside light on unchained the door grabbed the money and sat it on the end table. standing there jerkin the thought occurred to me that the delivery person might not be to keen on this or a turn off. so I threw a button shirt on but left it open. and just in case I threw a robe on a door handle near by then lookin around I changed the lighting in the hall way. turned the over head off and turned on a small table lamp. pleased with this I then turned on some music in the other room. ok bout ready stroking abit Makin myself like rock. another crazy idea came to mind. I knew what the pizza was going to cost. so why not try a large bill or some incorrect change. that way we could enjoy it that much longer. well at least me been kind of a fantasy. lets see everything bout ready but wait. ill put one of my cock rings on to. iam shaved so that will stand out. while putting one on I had more crazy ideas. ok grab a few dildos couple porn magazines and the last twist. I put a hot bi porn movie on my big screen tv but left the volume low. I placed the dildos out in the open were they could see them. think there were about five of them lol placed the tranny and cock mags out were they could be seen. ok now I think iam set lets hope the delivery person is worth all this. so stroking again I seen sum headlights pull in my drive. I peered thru the window trying to see if I would go thru with this. from what I could see it was a male thin build could tell his age thou. I kept tuggin as he walked to the door. as he got closer he appeared to be late teens early twentys.. thinking the hell with it lets do this. the door bell rang I positioned my self to the left side of the door so he could only see my upper half I opened the door to see him smiling and say your pizza sir. I stayed behind the door but open it wider and told him to cum in. he then walked in by me a ways as he did I closed the door. he spun around to see me standing there with a major hard on and just a shirt on...... to be continued
part 2 fantasy
Posted:Mar 27, 2016 4:48 pm
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2020 9:30 pm

we looked at each other a few more times as we sat there. a few more smiles to. kept wondering to myself is this happening? should I say something? I didn't notice her get up was to busy not trying to stare. I heard a soft voice say hello iam Karen. lookin over she had moved to the stool next to me. I returned by introducing myself and saying hello. for the next ten minutes or so we had the usual nervous conversation. of trying to get to know each other. as time passed we both relaxed and fell into some good convo. have to admit I fell for her smile her eyes her laughter and of course her body. she must have felt the same cause she would rest her hand on my arm later on top of my thigh. I have no idea how much time went by or how many drinks we had. but it was getting kind of late and said sadly I should head home. she agreed so I walked her to her car. we kept chatting on the way to her car. I couldn't keep my eyes off her body as we walked out there. and didn't really want to go home she had me hooked. we got to her car she spun around pulled me close and kissed me on the lips, guess I was allittle shocked and speechless when she stepped back. then she asked if id like to go back to her place for a drink or two. dizzy from the kiss how could I say no. with that I agreed to follow her to her apartment. was bout a fifteen minute drive but felt like an hour lol. I pulled in next to her we got out she grabbed my hand and we headed up the stairs. at her door I grabbed her pushed her back and gave her along passionate kiss. she then broke are kiss and said lets go inside. Karen turned a few lights on told me there was beer in the fridge some hard stuff on her counter. go ahead make myself at home she wanted to change her clothes. so I grabbed a brew peeled my shoes off and went and sat down on the couch. kicked the tv on lookin thru stations when she walked out. all Karen had on was a long t-shirt and tube socks. was curious if she had panties on. but found out later she did. even with this look she still was hot! she grabbed a beer also and came in and sat next to me and snuggled close. she asked if she looked all right she felt more comfy this way. I told her she was still lovely. with that she leaned in and we started to kiss more. it didn't take much and I was rock hard. as we kissed she ran her hands over my chest and down my tummy. I couldn't help myself to cop a feel of her tits. no bra on and her nipples were getting hard. with that she reached down until she found my bulge in my jeans. she let a moan as her hand caressed over my hardness. with one hand on her tit I slide my other hand down her back to her ass. I cupped her ass and gave both her ass and tit a squeeze. she moaned and tried to grip my cock thru my jeans. I herd her muter I so want that cock let me set him free. I relaxed my grip on her were she quickly reach down with both hands to unbutton my jeans and pull my fly down. I raised up off the couch so she could pull my jeans off. within seconds they were off as she tossed them across the room. she gasped as she looked at my sausage fully erect. oh my she said what a hot dick you have. with that she pulled her shirt off and threw that across the room. exposing her beautiful tits to me and a very sexy pair of panties on. she then dropped to her knees in front of me pushed my legs apart and told me she wanted to blow me. who the fuck was I to argue. within seconds she engulfed my turgid cock with her hot mouth and her hands. talk about an expert with dick don't think I had a beater blow job till then. all I could do was watch and enjoy as her loving mouth and hands pleasured my cock and balls. I have no fucking clue how long she sucked my cock. all I know is I didn't want it to stop. she brought me so close so many times to Cumming but her expertise of cock kept me hard and stiff along time. finally I told her I couldn't take anymore I so need to erupt. with that she picked up the pace and started to suck harder. the waves of pleasure started to roll thru me I told her I was very close. with a loud moan I exploded in her mouth rocking and bucking as my cock pumped in her mouth. she hungrily took my sauce down her throat but sum spilled out the corners of her mouth. she took a finger and wiped it up and licked it off her finger. she smiled and said that was fuckin hot. catching my breath I responded by saying that was the best head I ever had. we sat there a few minutes trying to catch are breathes. Karen then said its your turn to do me. but I have a surprise to tell and show you...... to be continued.
fantasy wish would happen
Posted:Jul 25, 2015 7:07 pm
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2020 9:30 pm

was a friday night got off work with no plans. bout normal, debated weather to hit a bar or stay home. so grabed a shower thought a couple beers wouldnt hurt. and might help me sleep beter. so i hit a bar i frequent sometimes. not to busy and looked like the usual crowd there. took a seat at the end of the bar. bartender knew me and brought me a beer. just kinda looked around the room see who was there music was playin few games playin on the tubes. not really paying attention till someone caught my eye. there she was at a table sitting with two other woman at the other end next to the bar at a small table. medium length sandy blonde hair petite to bout a meadium build. she looked very stunning her laughter and smile caught my attenion. so i sat drinkin my beer and a few more kinda lookin her way checkin her out. trying not to let her see me but it didnt work she sent sum looks my way. are eyes meet so many times with a shy look away and a very sexy little smile. she must have brought it up cause one of her freinds noticed to. so many things ran thru my head. go talk to her walk by say hello buy her a drink. but couldnt seem to get the courage. plus nothing worse than getting shot down. plus her friends were there. in my haste she came to the bar to buy some drinks. well that one was out. but i did get to check her out beter to find she had a smokin body. than she shocked me and said hello a pretty little smile and a wink. i think i responded back but i bet it sounded awful. she grabed the drinks turned towards me gave another smile and walked so sexy back to the table. so nervous now i had to have another beer as my mind wandered then another beer. why i got cold feet was beyond me. in my haste and state of confussion they finished there beers and stood up. dam it i wated to long fuck! but wait her friends were going not her. thet gave each other hugs and the two walked away. she looked like she was going to sit back down but instead. grabed her things and headed towards the bar. wait she is comming my way i wanted to look but kept lookin away. then she stopped two seats away from me just around the corner.......................
part 2
Posted:May 2, 2015 5:32 am
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2020 9:30 pm

as he pumped my dick i asked if he would like a taste. he smiled and said really. with that he slide up abit in the chair to bring his mouth closer to my cock. i could see his lipps part as the took my head in. his warm mouth and breath felt so good. i moaned abit when i felt his tongue workin the tipp,i told him how great that felt not to stop take some more in. he slid down farther kept one hand at my base the other continued to rub my balls. he pulled off a few times telling me he couldnt belive this was happening. how happy and how much fun he was having. and i kept accussing him off suckin cock before sense he was so good at it. he kept denying it i was his first. that just turned me on more. i reached down and took his hand off my base and placed it on my hipp. then slowly pushed his head down farther on my cock i told him take more it felt so good dont stop suck my cock deeper. he tryed his best but couldnt take it all, none the less i was sure enjoing this blow job from this hottie! i dont know how much time went by with this young stud pleasuring my cock. i didnt care i was in heaven. i got to the point i couldnt hold back anymore. i told him not to stop was bout ready to explode. with that i grabed his head and shot a massive wad into his mouth and throat. he tryed to pull back but i didnt let him but forced him to take all my jizz. when he had it all i slowly pulled out. my cock shinney from his mouth and my cum. he sat there excited and shakin and very happy. that was awsome he blurted out. i then leaned down gave him a kiss on his mouth. i could taste my cock and cum on his lipps and told him thank you so very much. then i asked if he would like to do it again with the smile he gave back there was no reason to doubt him. so i went grabed some paper and pen to give him my number. wrote it down gave it to him. then i assked for his wich he eagerly wrote down. he stood up i gave him a hug thanked him again. then i reached down to grab his cock. looked him in the eye and told him maybe next time i can play with yours. as i rubbed his bone he said yes i would like that....\8
the meter reader
Posted:Apr 24, 2015 9:11 pm
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2020 9:30 pm

been a couple years ago i was on vacation. kinda slept in didnt feel like doing much that morning. not to mention i was hard and horny to. so i took along nice shower but all that did was make me harder. i didnt bother to get dressed there was no sense and no way i could. not with the boner i had lol. so with just a towel over my shoulders i walked back to the bedroom with my stiffie leading the way. i stood in front of the dresser lookin at myself and my throbbing cock in the mirror. i couldnt help myself not to rub and play with my hard dick. couple feet away was an open widow were i nice morning breeze was blowing in. it felt so good on my wang that i didnt want to stop stroking. plus i didnt think anyone would see anyway. really dont know how much time went by i lost all tract. but for some reason i thought i seen a shadow move past the window. i didnt stop strokin but kinda watched outside as i pleasured my dick. few minutes went by and sure enough there was a young guy slowly trying to peek thru the window. this didnt stop me in fact i may have turned abit more towards the window. in hopes my peeping tom might see me strokin my dick. all kinds of crazy things raced thru my mind as i slowed down my pace giving my dong longer slower strokes. he must have gotten more braver or curious to watch cause he was moving over to get a beter view to the point i could see his face and upper body. or he may have sensed i liked him watching. so i turned fully towards him my hard cock pointing his direction. i even got a little closer to the window. droped my hands away so he could have a clear view. kinda felt like i was posing for him but i was also enjoying displaying for him. i could see him grinning and starring at my wood stick. he moved over dead center in the widow to view then i realized he was from the gas company reading my gas meter. they hire young college guys and ladys during the summer to read meters. so i said hello to him he grinned more and said hi back. i went back to touching my cock as he looked on and asked if he liked, he nooded his head and said yes. i kept strokin and asked if he would be interested in something cold to drink. he thought for a few seconds and said sure why not. i told him to go to the back door at i would let him in. by the time i got there he was already there still smilling. so i let him in told him my name. then he told me his was kyle and we shock hands i pulled a chair out for him at the table and asked him to sit down. i then walked over to the fridge and grabed him a cold soda. walking back towards him my cock like rock swaying back and forth. his eyes never left my dick. we made some small talk as i stood there nude my cock on display. i reached down and started to rub again and asked again if he was enjoying. he said deffintly and also said he had herd things that other co workers had seen but he never thought it would happen to him. we chatted more as i slowly worked my dick. i could sense he was enjoying and so was i. could also see he was getting a bulge in his jeans. i then moved in front of him let go of my cock and placed my hands on my hipps. my cock was less that a foot from his face slitly boobing as i stood there. then i asked if he would like to touch my cock. i herd him give out a sigh and mumbled he had never. i asked u never touched another cock before. he said no then told me he was straight. but i said here your are. youve been watching me stroke my hard throbbing cock inches from your face. so i take it your currious. he then kinda said yes. within a few seconds i seen him move his hand towards my dick, i said thats it go ahead touch it. with that i could feel his trembeling hand wrap around my shaft. he let out a sigh of pleasure as he moved his hand back and forth on my length. i moaned a bit telling him that felt good as his hand worked my dick he told me how thick i was how hard yet how smooth and soft it was. he also said he had been wondering what this would be like. i asked if he was enjoying and he could use both hands if he wanted and explore. with that he moved his other hand to my sacs and started to rub and fondel them while he jacked my cock. i dont think he could have grinned more as he watched his hands workin my dick. i kept telling him he was a pro and he had done this before. he said no i was the first, it didnt take long before the pre cum started to drip from my head. this really turned him on. so then i asked if he wanted another first.................. to be continued.../8

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