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Our First 3Some - Chapter 1  

sam_and_jac 57M/33F  
15 posts
5/18/2020 6:53 am
Our First 3Some - Chapter 1

This is a true story about our first 3some we had with a guy a few years ago. This encounter was a while in the making, and it had its roots in the details of our sexual contract Jac and I created shortly after we met. The contract covered a wide variety of topics including light bondage, spanking, swinging, etc. We actually learned a lot about each other while we discussed the content of the contract. We discussed having a MFM for a while and after agreeing on the rules of such an encounter, Jac and I finally decided to give it a try.

Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.

We were pretty nervous about trying this sort of thing for the first time, but we agreed our apprehension was out-weighed by the anticipation and excitement that had built over the past weeks and months during our discussions about it. Finally, after vetting a number of people, we decided on who we were going have our first 3some with.

Let’s call him Mike.

Before I start, I should mention one thing. The whole scenario you’re about to read was planned in every detail. Now you may think that planning every detail in advance might lack spontaneity. But actually going through the motions of planning the details of the encounter was pretty hot and exciting. This included a blindfold that Jac had<b> wear </font></b>during the whole encounter. This meant she would never see the face of the stranger who we were having the 3some with.

So here is our story as told by me…Sam

We were a little nervous as we drove to Mike’s place. But we knew we were determined to go ahead and try this for the first time. When we arrived at Mike’s place, he opened the door and let us in and remained out of sight in another room so Jac could not see his face. Jac and I proceeded to the bedroom where we got ready. Jac took a seat in the chair at the bottom of the bed. We chatted for a few minutes before I gave her a big kiss and hug and then put a blindfold her. Jac looked very hot in her very short black skirt and blue top.

I unbuttoned her top enough to reveal lots of cleavage.

Then I opened the door and called to Mike.

Mike entered the room wearing only his boxers, and looked down at Jac sitting on a chair at the foot of the bed blindfolded. His eyes immediately were drawn to her very firm breasts. He moved closer to Jac and positioned himself in front of her. As he lightly brushed her cleavage with his right hand, Mike introduced himself. His excitement was evident from his growing bulge.

I could tell that Jac was pretty excited too.

We had discussed this moment a number of times and talked about how the anticipation of knowing what’s going to happen next made her feel. She already knew what I was going to ask her to do. After all, we had carefully planned this whole scenario. Jac knew that this encounter only had one ending. And that was with her lying on the bed naked, blindfolded and covered with cum.

I watched as Mike’s hands slowly followed the outline of Jac’s breasts. She eased back in the chair as he cupped both breasts and squeezed them gently at first, and then a little harder. He looked at me and smiled as his right hand slid down the front of Jac’s top and under her bra. From Jac’s reaction I could tell that she was enjoying the attention of Mike’s hands groping and squeezing her tits. He moved her bra aside and uncovered her left breast. He made circles around her nipple and gently pinched it to the delight of Jac.

My cock was pretty hard by now so I removed my clothing and continued to watch as Jac reached for Mike’s coc

She rubbed the length of his cock through his boxers as he continued fondle and squeeze her tits. I have admit, it was pretty exciting watching this unfold in front of . I was watching another guy fondle my gf as she stroked his coc

And it was hot.

It only took a few minutes before Mike pushed his boxers down to release his coc
Jac immediately took his hard-on in her right hand and guided it to her mouth.

Mike closed his eyes and moaned as his cock slipped past Jac’s lips for the first time. I was now watching my girlfriend suck another guy’s coc She repeatedly circled the head of his uncut cock with her tongue as her hand slid up and down the length of his shaft.

I watched her do the same thing to me many times. Jac admittedly loves to suck coc I watched as Mike slowly fucked her mouth as she sat blind-folded on the chair.

Then I moved closer Jac and brushed my cock against her face. She immediately removed Mike’s cock from her mouth and replaced it with mine. I put my hands on the back of her head and slowly started face-fuck Jac.

Mike watched as my cock moved in and out of her mouth.

Thedude52808 39M
7 posts
5/19/2020 10:36 am

Mike sounds like a very lucky guy

sam_and_jac replies on 5/22/2020 5:19 am:
He did enjoy himself for sure.

sxy_lil_hfx_girl 46M/34F
2 posts
5/21/2020 5:44 pm

Great post, thanks for sharing

sam_and_jac replies on 5/22/2020 5:18 am:
Thank you. We are glad you enjoyed it. More to come.

sailorboy336 60M
85 posts
5/21/2020 7:24 pm

Great story

sam_and_jac replies on 5/22/2020 5:19 am:
Thank you. Glad you liked it.

myturnhalifax 51M/49F  
5 posts
5/22/2020 5:27 am

Sam and Jac, I love this story and I look forward to hear what happened next. I think I have a few ideas. I would love to hear it from her perspective too. I look forward to chatting more soon

somebeach105 53M  
5 posts
6/8/2020 7:44 am

very hot tale ,i felt mike,s excitement as i read,,look forward to hearing more ,thxs Darren

cwazywabbit009 56M
6254 posts
7/1/2020 9:06 pm

Blindfold was a nice touch as it heightens the other senses for her and looks sexy for the guys [speaking from experience].

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