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Why are there so many flakes?
Posted:Oct 25, 2019 6:26 pm
Last Updated:Nov 1, 2019 11:26 am

I mean , I can host, i get likes on my pics and vids but the close ones are so flaky... Friday night and I want to SUCK COCK
I swallowed his load today...
Posted:Jan 11, 2019 9:23 pm
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2019 10:52 am
So my friend for a while now, safe but I just wish he was bigger and could actually make me gag... We had a nice session today and we took our time... he eventually unloaded onto my face and open mouth... I gathered it up and played with it... i a true cum now?
The wait is almost over...
Posted:Jan 7, 2019 8:27 am
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2019 10:53 am
So a friend from here has been chatting with me since 2014. Now we have a date for Wednesday and I am so excited! I've been watching and listening to a lot of BBC COCK worship training videos and I am so ready to savor the Cock that i've been waiting for so long... his pics show a long thick Cock and he says he likes long slow blowjobs performed on him! I want to record it and maybe even go live and share my experience with you all... I want people to see my skills live as I take him deep into my throat, leave him there and let my throat muscles work their magic, get approval from him and from the viewing audience as well, I want to look into the camera and wink as he slides in and out of my wet mouth, I then want to see someone type words of encouragement as they let me know they are my neighbor! Yeah, i have a crush on that neighbor and want to see what his married Cock feels like in my mouth and throat... oh boy, another time for sure i hope!

anyway, back to my Wednesday friend who will love what I can do... I want to get into the hypno part of the videos and suck him like the mistress instructs me to... long slow sucking and then me bobbing my head up and down to get him to the brink... yeah edge him a lot so when i am rewarded, it's a huge load of cum!! This si my fantasy soon to be reality on Wednesday 1/9/2019! Should I go live with his approval? Let me know and I will update on Wednesday morning for sure!
Afred, Betty and Me some more
Posted:Jan 7, 2017 4:39 pm
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2019 10:43 am

Then there was the time that Betty dropped by the office at 5:15 it was almost closing time as we closed at 6pm. I had made plans to go and see a friend of mine for a session of 420 and Alfred had dropped his car off at the shop & they needed to keep it overnight to repair. Since I had plans after work, Betty agreed to drop Alfred off at his apartment and they left at 5:30 when his shift ended. I took off after work to go see my friend. When I got to his house, he said he had to leave on an unexpected errand. I said no problem and headed to my house in Monterey Park.

When I got there, Betty’s Dodge Durango was parked differently from normal. I went inside to hear Betty and Alfred fucking like teenagers and I tried be as quiet as possible as to not disturb them. They were humping and pumping, fucking and sucking and he went wild as he thought they were alone for their sexfest. I crept by the door and put my finger to my lips as to motion her to stay quiet as she saw me but he had his back to the door as he was pounding her into the headboard.

She saw me and understood as she then asked Alfred what he really wanted to do... He laughed and said that he really wanted to know what she did with me when he wasn’t there. She smiled and looked over his shoulder as he slowly pumped into her soggy pussy, she was saying, “yes like that” in a raspy voice. She then said that I liked to cum on her tits as she always wanted me to lick it off but after I came, the craving to lick up my load subsided. Alfred told her that he thought that was hot and would love to see it happen.. She then told him, “do you want to see him suck my pussy clean after you cum in me?” He started laughing and said that I would never do that... She got a wicked smile in her eyes and grabbed his ass to pull him deeper into her pussy and she started FUCKING HIM really good!!! He was so into it that he just kept pounding away as she whispered in his ear, “Cum in me so he can taste it when gets here...” That sent him over the edge and he said, “That’s Going to be hot!!!” She grabbed his head and kissed hard on the lips as he shot his creamy load into her hot, wet pussy!! She kept humping him back and draining his cock for every drop of cum that he had! I was in for a TREAT!

As they relaxed in the afterglow of sex, I had already slipped back outside and smoked a bowl on the back back porch to kill some time and get hornier ( smoking weed puts me in horny and cock sucking mood ). I walked down the driveway and opened the front door after finishing my bowl and announced, “Lucy, I’m home!” I then went to the kitchen and she called to me to come to the bedroom where she was covered in bed with that coy smile that says, i just got fucked and want you to taste me now... I asked where Alfred was and I heard the water in the bathroom. She smiled and pulled the sheet away to show me a SOPPING WET PUSSY. She then made the finger gesture of come here... I didn’t wait and just plopped face first into her cum filled cunt! I started licking her and swallowing cum, She moaned and grabbed my head pushing her cum soaked pussy into my mouth! I heard the door from the bathroom open but I didn’t care. I was in Heaven and she knew it. I then heard Alfred’s voice and he was laughing and praising me for having such a good wife! I kept eating her out and swallowing his cum as he watched me and that urged me on! Betty then moaned to Alfred, “Is this what you wanted to see?” He just kept laughing and walked up to her head and pulled his cock out again as she started sucking it again. I looked up as she was smiling up at him and then moaned, “do you want to cum on my chest? It looks like someone is ready to clean me up!” That was it! I was so embarrassed that she would put me on blast like that. He was ready and she knew it! She kept sucking him as she grabbed my head and started pulling me up to her chest... She then had me lay down next to her as she sucked him... She pulled me closer and I was cheek to cheek with her watching his cock slide in and out of my wife’s mouth... Then she did the deed, as he was moaning that he was ready to cum, she pulled his cock out her mouth and aimed it at my face! He came and I took a small but very warm load of cum on lips and chin! I got up quickly and made my to the bathroom as I was a little embarrassed. I could hear Alfred and Betty laughing as I washed my face but it was all so good. Later that night, we all wen to play softball for the church team as we did often, Calvary Chapel in Montebello if I can remember correctly. Ahh good times....
Happy Birthday Betty!
Posted:Nov 13, 2014 12:42 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2019 10:21 am

I do fondly like to remember the time she made me confess my urges to suck cock. The night of Alfred's birthday, she went out to eat with co-workers and sisters. I had been asked to join Alfred and our work gang for his Birthday. Little did I know that she was the one getting a Birthday Present later that night.

So she's out with friends and family and I'm out with my boy Alfred and Minerva from work. We went out bar hopping in Old Town Pasadena where the parade goes down every year. This bar hopping adventure turned into store browsing with drunk Alfred. At one point, Pasadena Police saw him staggering and laughing at a display he knocked over. Minerva and I ushered him into a record store and waited until the cops walked . We then made a hasty retreat to the car and drove back to the office 5 minutes away. Minerva helped me transfer him to my car and I drove back home. I would have dropped his ass off at his home but he lived upstairs and I didn't want to have to get hurt or scolded or maybe worse. plus he lived further than my house so I drove home. Betty was just getting home too and helped me get him from my car to the guest bedroom. He plopped on the bed and was snoring before his head rested on the pillow.
Betty and I talked a bit then fucked knowing he was in the guestroom. As we never closed our doors, we know he would have heard everything and joined in had he not been so drunk. She was so horny and also a bit inebriated. We fucked and fell asleep for a bit. The Sun started to come up when I heard Fred stirring awake to use the bathroom. I heard him stumble then make his way into the bathroom. After he finished peeing and washing up, I heard him make his way back to the guestroom. At this point, Betty was waking too for the same reason. She saw that I" was awake and I whispered that he went back to bed... I also told her that she should go wake him up with a smile on his face. She grinned and went to use the bathroom. She did her business & I heard her brushing her teeth and then heard the bathroom door open... I heard her whisper "good morning" but he didn't say anything back. I then heard the sound of the bed springs as she got on the bed. I made my way to the hallway and peered around the doorway to see her pulling his shorts to the side and pulling out his cock... she looked back at the doorway catching my eye and smiled... she mouthed the words I Love You and then proceeded to suck his soft cock!!! I walked into the room and knelt beside her as she looked me in the eye and said, "you want to suck it don't you?"
I just smiled and kissed her on the cheek as she sucked him. I watched her pull away and then I kissed the tip of his cock and told her to enjoy!! She was so into it and sucked him harder and very soon he got hard!! then he woke up and said DAMN!!! As she continued sucking and giggled with his cock in her mouth! I had already walked back into he hallway and was watching her move up and mount him. That's my cowgirl Betty!!! Soon they were like they had been for the past few months!!! After he came and she came, He went into the bathroom and showered as Betty came into our bedroom and proceeded to sit on my face!!! SHe made me lick put their juices and I heard him come in and say, "DAMN!!!, don't you two ever stop?" we laughed and I swallowed their cocktail and then she had me drive him home without brushing my teeth. As yes it was his birthday but she got the presents!!! Happy Birthday Principal Beatriz Bogan!!! Oh yeah it was November 7... ah yes Principal Bogan... OOPS! did I say too much?
The Southern Belle
Posted:Oct 31, 2014 8:27 am
Last Updated:Oct 25, 2019 11:15 am

At American Cablevison, we employed many people from all over the country who happened to apply with us. People allured by L.A.... it's overrated in my opinion. The little burg of South Pasadena was no exception to the typical L.A. bullshit but it was very eclectic... some say it still is but again, I worked there... oops! let me get off that soapbox...
I don't remember exactly when, but a young naïve 26 year old named Gina Belle came to work for us. She was small in frame but a great set of tits and ass. Very pale in complexion but cute nonetheless; she didn't have very many friends outside of work. Her boyfriend whom she moved out to be with in South Pasadena, was already doing his own thing. The poor girl actually confided to me and Jenny-lang, our part timer, that he was out with a girl in the local mountains and they broke down. So he being a southern gentleman, made a fire and kept them warm until the car got fixed. This little confession was made after she had a few beers with Jenny & I one night after work at Gina's apartment. Jenny and I looked at each other knowing that this girl was naïve... the poor thing. Anyway, poor young GIna-Belle dint even go to work on April 1 thinking that people would prank her and her weak constitution. ( she had a very poor diet, lots of snack foods, was always in the bathroom, alas so small and pale ) but when she let her hair down, so to say, she was OK to hang with.
One Saturday she called the office people to invite us over to swim at the apartment as we closed early at 12 and she was off and only 1/2 mile away. Fred, Jenny-lang and myself went over. About an hour of beers, wine coolers and some weed, Fred needed to leave as he lived with his G/F, and aging mom. He asked if it was OK if he stopped by my house before going home and I gave him the OK. If Betty was home, I'm sure they'd fuck but she usually was at the local mall with her mom, sisters or some girl friends. I told him to call her and see. He smiled and off he went. Jenny said she would bail too and stayed for another 20 minutes after she drank water and mad a call to her B/F who I found out later was Rick from the modem installation team. more on that later...
Soooo, Im hanging out and Gina asks me for advice on the boyfriend.. I said politely to look for truth but don't be surprised if you find it and you don't like it. At least you were prepared. She smiled and said that Betty was lucky to have a guy like me, I whispered in my head, "and Fred too") and that made it easy when I told her that I had a dream involving her not to long ago. Gina looked at me and smiled and said while sipping her wine cooler, "DO tell..." I laughed nervously and admitted that the dream consisted of her sitting on my lap, actually straddling me face to face as I read a manual on fixing the copy machine... weird dream huh? she looked at me coyly, and proceeded to straddle me. Earlier, I was sitting near the window as she had cats and they make me sneeze, I was now on the sofa but away from the window with my back to the wall and she straddled me. She was wearing loose fitting shorts and a tank top with a bikini underneath. She straddled me and I sooo remember her garlic breath from the chips she was eating... and that killed it. but not for too long... She sipped her cooler and then sat back but still straddling my thighs and drinking her wine cooler but with a smile in her look. She asked me to continue... I said that in the dream she took the book from my hand and started reading from where I left off at which I then pulled her closer to me and her big pale tits were right in front of my face (in the dream). I continued nervously as I admitted in the dream she put the book behind my neck so that she could lean on me to read over my neck and her tits were now in my face at which point I started to kiss her neck and this is all in the dream just to clarify. I looked at here and she had her eyes slowly closing as she scooted up higher on my she did, those loose shorts got pulled tightly and I looked down to see a small damp spot on her shorts... she put her bottle down and took mine as well and said, "did it feel like this"? She leaned over me and smashed her tits on my face as I laughed nervously and tried but not hard to push her away. She grinded her pussy against my cock and then reached down to feel how hard I was. and smiled as she said, "My oh my, this Yankee boy looks like he likes the southern hospitality and giggled!! She looked at me in the eye and kissed me once as she then slid down and opened my button fly freeing my super hard cock!!! she then got back on me and started rubbing her wet but still covered pussy all up and down my throbbing cock!!!
She grinded up and down and we both got lost in the moment, kissing, sucking each other's tongues and then sucked my neck! That was it!! I reached down and pulled her little shorts to the side and touched her wet pussy!! She moaned out loud and I slipped my middle finger into her, as she kissed me more and more... she whispered in my ear, "fuck me please... please" she then opened my button fly and reached inside to free my hard cock...

years later she is my facebook friend
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Do facial pics turn you on ?
Posted:Nov 13, 2019 10:33 am
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2019 7:35 am

When you see a facial on a man or woman, does it turn you on?
I am Interested
I like to see my mate with their face covered in jizz
If I look in the mirror and my face is glazed, yes!
6 Comments , 47 votes
It's Friday and I want to suck cock
Posted:Nov 1, 2019 9:11 am
Last Updated:Nov 4, 2019 8:04 am

Anyone here not a flake?
Have you seen my recent video?
Posted:Jan 17, 2019 7:26 am
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2019 4:58 am
Hello buddies, let me know what you think of my recent video. Does it look good? Can you give me advice or better yet, a much bigger COCK to show off my skills? Let me know! Suck you all later!
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what kind of profile pic do you like to see?
Posted:Oct 10, 2018 10:30 am
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2018 9:25 am

When putting yourself out there for the world to see, do you like to post a standard face pic or maybe more naughty because you're here on Asian And do you like to see profile pics of the person's face or their cock or pussy? Do pics of them showing off their skills turn you on or off? Keep in mind that this is for the Profile Picture that appears to all. Thanks for your replies in advance!
I'm learning how to use the tools here...
Posted:Aug 22, 2018 11:24 am
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2018 7:53 am

Did my bling come out properly?
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