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Back in cal6/1/2020  0  
A short story in progress...5/31/2020  0  
Chercheuse d'or #3 Le verdict5/31/2020  10  
Flushing Catfish5/30/2020  0  
Part Two of (shaking the dust off)5/29/2020  2  
Throwing Caution to the Wind....5/28/2020  0  
The Blindfold, Part 25/26/2020  7  
A Beginning to My Day, in My Imagination5/25/2020  9  
Meeting5/25/2020  9  
Transcript of an entire roleplay (Vacation)5/21/2020  0  
"Your love is like a wind dancing across my skin I feel you in my bones Your kisses take me home"5/17/2020  4  
Threescompany real time wishin5/17/2020  1  
The spot my brother died5/16/2020  0  
Bliss5/16/2020  2  
My Beautiful Wild Woman5/15/2020  2  
****ODD Drinks and Billboards****5/15/2020  11  
E130: Just married5/13/2020  0  
He never calls.....5/13/2020  4  
My first time5/12/2020  1  
Aww, did you miss me? ;)5/9/2020  9  
Anger on this site - be careful5/5/2020  0  
Une bonne paire de boules dans la bouche5/4/2020  0  
😻😲👀 Pain in the "annoyer" :)5/4/2020  5  
On The Couch5/3/2020  9  
Savage5/3/2020  2  
Go for Gold???4/30/2020  2  
Nature4/30/2020  0  
Erotical Email Bad Girl4/27/2020  2  
Submissive Wife- Bareback Cream4/26/2020  2  
It could never be as crazy as...4/24/2020  0  
Introduction time !!!!4/24/2020  5  
Hispanic Hook-Up.4/20/2020  0  
Changing Room4/20/2020  0  
“Honest to the point of recklessness, self-centered to the extreme”—R. Hunter4/20/2020  4  
Filling in the Empty Spaces of my Brain :D4/19/2020  3  
My Duality4/19/2020  4  
I figgered it out?!?4/16/2020  5  
Gone Fishin4/15/2020  0  
Simple ;)4/15/2020  2  
Breaking Daddy's Rules4/13/2020  5  
confinememnt J 254/11/2020  0  
Thirty Nine Didn't Seem So Bad - The Finale4/10/2020  8  
Catfish and Developing a Taste for Stink Bait4/8/2020  1  
1.5 Years wasted on Believing.....4/8/2020  0  
How to Make Love to Me4/7/2020  4  
Erotic Emails pt 94/7/2020  1  
My beautiful wife and the big black monster4/7/2020  4  
Less we forget......4/7/2020  3  
Slightly Green Organic Bananas are a Top Notch Natural External Lubricant and they are Cheap4/6/2020  0