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The Arrangement6/4/2020  0  
Another year older6/4/2020  18  
THERE6/2/2020  3  
The Front Porch Chronicle May Edition5/31/2020  7  
A short story in progress...5/31/2020  0  
my adventure to the florida keys5/29/2020  0  
Back to the Dentist Again5/28/2020  5  
Master5/27/2020  7  
Health update5/27/2020  0  
Honor5/24/2020  4  
#### FPQ Libations For The Weekend ####5/24/2020  8  
Pandemic and playing5/24/2020  0  
...waking suddenly...5/24/2020  1  
Memories of the Past5/23/2020  2  
COVID 19 - Sex and Dating in the time of a pandemic5/23/2020  0  
Why now?5/23/2020  0  
RAINING5/23/2020  3  
Trump collapsed on the floor....5/19/2020  16  
Prayers and Swearing... May Help You Find Your Life Partner... 😮5/19/2020  19  
Do the math5/18/2020  4  
done5/17/2020  0  
Thank you India5/16/2020  0  
"She's just like candy, so sweet Sugar coated, lies unfolded You still lick the wrapper..."5/16/2020  7  
a friendly stranger5/16/2020  2  
Bandoleros5/15/2020  6  
Walk in the woods Based on a true story ;-)5/15/2020  0  
Abstinence vs Indulgence5/15/2020  5  
Sensual Stories Painted Red - The Job5/14/2020  4  
Why do they always have to ask that question?5/14/2020  0  
Naked and Reading This?... 8 OTHER Things You Can Do... To Make A Difference... 😊5/14/2020  17  
HNW - Books5/13/2020  17  
Expose Yourself, and Show Some Skin - Write a Blog5/13/2020  4  
Row Row Row your boat5/12/2020  31  
Let's believe it's gone5/11/2020  0  
Sensual Stories Painted Red - That Said5/10/2020  3  
The Mothers in my life...5/10/2020  1  
What the fuck is wrong with the human race?5/8/2020  9  
Psychology of a Crossdresser5/7/2020  1  
good morning good afternoon and good evening5/7/2020  2  
Two Weeks of Indulgent Pleasure with Sophia and friends5/6/2020  2  
Sensual Stories Painted Red - The Deep5/6/2020  3  
well hmmm ain't chit is funked up5/4/2020  1  
well hmmm ain't chit is funked up5/4/2020  0  
Hottie Turned Me Naughty (Part 2)5/2/2020  0  
WHY?4/29/2020  1  
**It Sucks When You Feel You Don't Count**4/29/2020  21  
Black Cock Dreaming4/28/2020  0  
Late Night Rendezvous in Ho Chi Min4/27/2020  0  
This is why I don't want to have sex with you right now.4/27/2020  13  
Zombie Love Feast excerpt (not horror)4/26/2020  1