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My GOD I wish I had a half6/2/2020  0  
My Black Goddess6/2/2020  0  
The Kiss6/1/2020  0  
Zora Neale, speak to me6/1/2020  0  
Quick cam chat 06/01/206/1/2020  1  
Ladies how many love getting oral sex?6/1/2020  4  
Unruly Switch6/1/2020  0  
Make foreplay your forte'5/31/2020  0  
Sex might be good5/31/2020  0  
A shower fantasy5/31/2020  0  
A short story in progress...5/31/2020  0  
Fantasy5/30/2020  6  
"Everything comes and goes Marked by lovers and styles of clothes Pleasure moves on too early"5/30/2020  4  
A Friend With...5/29/2020  0  
Part Two of (shaking the dust off)5/29/2020  2  
Going Forward: Some Harsh Realities5/29/2020  1  
Always More5/29/2020  4  
What is curious5/29/2020  0  
Throwing Caution to the Wind....5/28/2020  0  
My Last BDSM Experience!5/28/2020  2  
~~~~ Their Heat ~~~~5/28/2020  17  
Back to the Dentist Again5/28/2020  5  
Flesh5/27/2020  5  
I'm Just Me5/27/2020  2  
First time dressed5/27/2020  0  
Mama's Boy5/27/2020  0  
The Blindfold.... Finally5/27/2020  9  
This is a continuation of my story‚Ķ.5/27/2020  0  
The Blindfold, Part 25/26/2020  7  
Lips5/26/2020  5  
d my dick had run away5/26/2020  3  
The Release5/26/2020  0  
Black Dick5/26/2020  3  
story time5/26/2020  0  
The Blindfold5/25/2020  9  
Edge5/25/2020  0  
Neighborhood Cougar Catches Me Watching Porn5/25/2020  0  
The Apartment5/25/2020  0  
A Beginning to My Day, in My Imagination5/25/2020  9  
Expanding and Opening Horizons ?!!!5/25/2020  0  
A Taste of Beauty5/25/2020  0  
A Celebration of Lips5/25/2020  0  
At my age who would have thought?5/25/2020  0  
I don't like glory holes.5/24/2020  0  
Pool Hall Junkies5/24/2020  4  
You came in with the breeze, on a Sunday morning...5/24/2020  0  
Submissive Wife- A Disgraceful Slut5/24/2020  2  
Caught a Cougar in the Parking Lot5/24/2020  0  
The Life of lust of Messalina, she had sex with more than 200 men!5/24/2020  1