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in bed with mr owl6/4/2020  11  
A night to remember6/4/2020  1  
The Arrangement6/4/2020  0  
I don't want to be chased ~!Article I did not write6/4/2020  0  
Domination and bondage6/4/2020  3  
Only bulls need apply6/3/2020  0  
Fucking you senseless6/2/2020  0  
Some people get under your skin...6/2/2020  13  
NSA vs FWB vs FB6/2/2020  0  
"I get lost in you Like a prisoner walking towards the ocean How could something swallow you whole"5/31/2020  5  
Music of the Day *Walking in my Shoes*5/31/2020  7  
Bonfire Tonight Canceled5/30/2020  0  
Throwing Caution to the Wind.....Part 25/30/2020  2  
As Nutty As A Wet Squirrel5/29/2020  4  
Music of the Day *Enjoy the Silence*5/28/2020  5  
Back to the Dentist Again5/28/2020  5  
The “Nice Guy” ( not the really nice guys, you are lovely) Prequel.5/27/2020  9  
My turn to help him...5/27/2020  5  
Svenn and Helgie / a honeymoon storey5/27/2020  1  
I am feeling better now5/27/2020  0  
The Humor of a honeymoon/ I Had Toelea-owe5/27/2020  0  
Domination vs Degradation5/26/2020  0  
Not all Meets are the Same5/26/2020  0  
Apres Skiing5/26/2020  0  
In desperate need of masseuse5/25/2020  6  
Expanding and Opening Horizons ?!!!5/25/2020  0  
Two Dates5/25/2020  0  
he was born 5/25/2020  2  
trump supporter psychology ...they need your support5/25/2020  14  
Meeting5/25/2020  9  
"You're looking for distraction When your life ain't got no traction You want that one night action"5/24/2020  4  
Memories of the Past5/23/2020  2  
A fun little suprise5/23/2020  2  
A fun little suprise5/23/2020  2  
Solemn Memorial Day!!!! It is ok to ask for help....5/22/2020  0  
A need for big cock in my Ass and feel the cum....STILL5/21/2020  0  
And so it goes. Feels for today... I give up.5/20/2020  2  
Black is the color of my heart5/20/2020  5  
Medicinal Masturbation5/19/2020  18  
The Alone Code5/19/2020  3  
Dentist5/19/2020  7  
Back to the grindstone....5/18/2020  3  
done5/17/2020  0  
Looking for that BWC5/17/2020  0  
The spot my brother died5/16/2020  0  
Psychological Anxt and other Existential Excrement5/16/2020  0  
A hassle with the Mafia gives enlightenment5/16/2020  0  
Sapiophilic5/16/2020  3  
Lactating even if you are not pregnant5/15/2020  0  
My Beautiful Wild Woman5/15/2020  2