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College Sex chronicles II - 19th Birthday Party Gangbang   1/4/2019

Part 2 - My 19th birthday "party"! For my 19th birthday, near the beginning of my sophomore year at college, my fuck buddy Randy decided to throw a party for me. He told me in advance that

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College Sex Chronicles   1/4/2019

College was wild! During freshman year, I started fucking this guy named Randy for pot and other recreational drugs to "enhance" my college experience! He was a great a fuck, and introduced

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Two Men And Me   11/27/2018

I couldn't believe it, but there I was, naked except my underwear, propped up against three thick down filled pillows watching two men take their clothes off. Bill, a co-worker, who I had wanted t

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Gangbang Girl's Diary   11/27/2018

It all seemed to happen so nonchalantly... I admit I ran with a rough crowd when I was younger. Since I was an overprotected girl from a wealthy family, I was eager to rebel as soon as my teens hit. T

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Allie gets her wish   11/26/2018

"I've been reading threesome stories for months now; do you think going to give up the opportunity when already smack in the center of a fantasy?" I asked, a little incredulous. "

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A Housewife's First Gangbang   11/3/2018

I stood in front of the mirror, surveying my outfit for the night. Butterflies ran rampant in my stomach. I never did this sort of thing. My husband was away on a 2-day business trip. I didn't

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The Thrill for Jill   11/3/2018

Jill walked in, still in her work clothes. She wore a blue dress shirt and dark gray skirt. Her outfit was conservative but showed off her curves nicely. She spotted me and came over. I noticed a guy

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Promotion Interview   11/3/2018

Things had been progressing pretty quickly all day, and they certainly weren't slowing down once Abby came up to the side of the bed and undid the last button on her collared blouse, revealing her

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Double-Teaming Mel   11/3/2018

There was something incredibly hot about having sex with Mel, my girlfriend Michelle's sister, which made me think about practically nothing else until I did it again. Michelle was still my favori

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There's a first time for everything   11/3/2018

"I've been reading threesome stories for months now; do you think I'm going to give up the opportunity when I'm already smack in the center of a fantasy?" I asked, a little incre

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Angel gets double-stuffed   11/3/2018

I like to think that I got extremely lucky in picking such an awesome wife. Angel is very beautiful standing about 5’2” with dirty blond hair that falls just above her shoulders. She’s not too t

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Ashley's Dark Times   10/29/2018

Ashley's day began rather abruptly but was wonderfully satisfying. John, her husband, lover and best friend, made her feel like a complete woman early this morning. She is now basking in the after

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Airtight   10/29/2018

"He said 'we certainly made her airtight last night' and then the rest of them laughed." Ann was cradling the phone against her shoulder as she studied her nails and relayed the over

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