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Aug 9, 2020Age you sucked first cock53 and Looking for the 1st one4   
Aug 9, 2020Age you sucked first cockI was 13...1   
Aug 9, 2020MasturbateOils or spit1   
Jul 26, 2020Bisexual Male PlaygroundRisky public sex!!1   
Jul 26, 2020Bisexual Male PlaygroundLong D1   
Jul 26, 2020Bisexual Male PlaygroundNeed a bottom ASAP1   
Jul 24, 2020Bisexual Male PlaygroundWho likes pumping ass hard?1   
Jul 20, 2020Bisexuals PlaygroundDidi u swallow the first time you sucked a cock?1   
Jul 18, 2020Straight Guys Who Suck CocksMy wife watches me suck cocks.....so hot.1   
Jul 5, 2020MasturbateMutual masturbation1   
Jul 5, 2020MasturbateSometimes you have to have something in your ass1   
Jul 5, 2020MasturbateFrottage1   
Jul 2, 2020The Senior's LoungeSucking Cock1   
Jul 2, 2020The Senior's LoungeGroup Sex1   
Jul 2, 2020The Senior's Lounge"In a relationship"1   
Jun 27, 2020Masturbatecock in panties1   
Jun 27, 2020First (or 2nd) MALE ExperienceMushroom head or eraser tip1   
Jun 27, 2020First (or 2nd) MALE Experiencehow long before you went beyond oral?1   
Jun 27, 2020Bisexual Male PlaygroundSensual bisexual male playmates??1   
Jun 27, 2020MasturbateOutside1   
Jun 27, 2020First (or 2nd) MALE Experiencecock preference1   
Jun 13, 2020Masturbatecum shot1   
Apr 19, 2020Shaving GenitalsHelloooooo1   
Apr 19, 2020St8 Guys who are bi curiousMen-When was your first bi-sexual experience?1   
Apr 18, 2020Bisexuals PlaygroundBisexual appeal when you age?1   
Apr 16, 2020First (or 2nd) MALE Experienceis sucking cock better1   
Apr 12, 2020Mckinney/Frisco/Plano GroupPlaying1   
Apr 5, 2020Men who love to suck cockfirst cock1   
Mar 28, 2020Masturbatecaught or watched1   
Mar 22, 2020SWALLOWAutofellatio1   
Mar 22, 2020First (or 2nd) MALE Experiencecoronavirus1   
Mar 8, 2020Bisexuals Playgroundcum swallowing?1   
Mar 8, 2020MasturbateLove watching masturbation...and helping out, too1   
Mar 8, 2020Bisexual Male Playgroundfirst time Bi1   
Mar 8, 2020Bisexuals PlaygroundPrefer guys who are...1   
Mar 3, 2020First (or 2nd) MALE Experiencebeen too long1   
Mar 3, 2020AFF Naughty Community.OMG I know you 😲😳😍1   
Feb 29, 2020Age you sucked first cockNo Strings Oral Sex1   
Feb 29, 2020St8 Guys who are bi curious1st time cock suckers1   
Feb 29, 2020MasturbateCant wait1   
Feb 28, 2020Bisexual Male PlaygroundRole Playing "Hot or NOT"1   
Feb 23, 2020Southern Bi Sexual Meneating cum1   
Feb 23, 2020Bisexual Male PlaygroundYour first experience2   
Feb 23, 2020First (or 2nd) MALE ExperienceDoes this happen to you too?1   
Feb 23, 2020bi guys who like to be watchedFirst time I Sucked Cock with Wife Watching , She Said WOW Thats HOT1   
Feb 23, 2020Bi Men for Couples ActionWhere is everyone located?1   
Feb 14, 2020Men who love to suck cockPrecum1   
Feb 8, 2020SWALLOWHow many cocks, how many loads....1   
Feb 8, 2020Bisexual Male PlaygroundHow to know if a guy is bi without being lable gay or bi?1   
Feb 8, 2020Bisexual Male PlaygroundI want a cock so bad2