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Aug 10, 2020Straight Guys Who Suck CocksWould you let his wife watch?3   
Aug 9, 2020First (or 2nd) MALE ExperienceGuilt1   
Aug 9, 2020Bisexual Male PlaygroundToo much porn?1   
Aug 9, 2020Age you sucked first cockI was 13...1   
Aug 9, 2020First (or 2nd) MALE ExperienceTips for first time anal?1   
Aug 5, 2020Men who love to suck cockShow me!2   
Jul 29, 2020Dream's Taboo for YouOral on the job1   
Jul 28, 2020Women and couples 4 bi singlesDon and Lori --19 years1   
Jul 24, 2020Bisexuals PlaygroundDidi u swallow the first time you sucked a cock?1   
Jul 24, 2020First (or 2nd) MALE ExperienceHow to find someone to Top you1   
Jul 22, 2020Dream's Taboo for YouTaking a Risk ...1   
Jul 21, 2020Orally Bi MenSucking1   
Jul 21, 2020Orally Bi Menpleaseing another man1   
Jul 20, 2020Dream's Taboo for YouOlder land lady1   
Jul 19, 2020Bisexuals PlaygroundAs a fully honest biologically educated male, did U accept your FULL sexuality earlier in life?3   
Jul 16, 2020BJ for over 50 Str8/Bi MenOlder Men2   
Jul 16, 2020Bisexuals PlaygroundGuy, what do you like to do with other guys?1   
Jul 16, 2020BJ for over 50 Str8/Bi MenMarried men and straight guys:1   
Jul 14, 2020Bisexuals PlaygroundHi everyone1   
Jul 8, 2020Straight Guys Who Suck CocksStr8 guys who suck cocks...3   
Jul 2, 2020Bareback CreampiesE D G I N G1   
Jul 1, 2020Straight Guys Who Suck CocksCum is safe3   
Jun 30, 2020Bisexual Male PlaygroundSensual bisexual male playmates??1   
Jun 29, 2020Dream's Taboo for Yousweet lips1   
Jun 29, 2020Orally Bi MenCocksucking and Style4   
Jun 28, 2020Bareback Creampies5 sloppy creampies for older married wife1   
Jun 27, 2020Bisexuals Playgroundfirst time1   
Jun 25, 2020Straight Guys Who Suck CocksUnusual Request - Louisville KY Area1   
Jun 25, 2020SWALLOWWhy suck if you don’t swallow1   
Jun 25, 2020AFF Naughty Community.we try to understand what is the meaning1   
Jun 22, 2020Women and couples 4 bi singlesQuestion1   
Jun 21, 2020Anything Goes TabooFrotting2   
Jun 21, 2020BJ for over 50 Str8/Bi MenCan you deepthroat?2   
Jun 14, 2020St8 Guys who are bi curiousstraight guys that are bicurious5   
Jun 10, 2020St8 Guys who are bi curiousDoes "bi-curious" sound way too indecisive to anyone?1   
Jun 8, 2020Women and couples 4 bi singlesMy biggest fantasy is a MFM 3some with a bi male. Anyone in Houston area?3   
Jun 8, 2020Dream's Taboo for YouHelp! I need encouragement to eat my own cum and others as well ; )1   
Jun 7, 2020Dream's Taboo for YouFirst time oral sex1   
Jun 6, 2020Straight Guys Who Suck CocksWhen sucking a nice cock, what else do U like performing on a clean male partner?4   
Jun 6, 2020Men who love to suck cockSucking Cock2   
Jun 4, 2020Women and couples 4 bi singlesQuality bi men, respectful, want friendship, why so tough?3   
Jun 3, 2020St8 Guys who are bi curiousHave been bicurious since teens ..1   
Jun 3, 2020Bareback CreampiesMeet1   
Jun 2, 2020AFF Naughty Community.Do you like the taste of your own cum ? ;)1   
Jun 1, 2020BJ for over 50 Str8/Bi MenDo you use gaydar?2   
May 31, 2020First (or 2nd) MALE ExperienceMFM 3sum with M on M sex2   
May 29, 2020Anything Goes TabooBest friend's son slept with my wife over two months!!!!!!1   
May 28, 2020First (or 2nd) MALE Experienceis sucking cock better2   
May 27, 2020First (or 2nd) MALE ExperienceMushroom head or eraser tip1