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Jan 21, 2020Dream's Taboo for Youkik1   
Jan 21, 2020St8 Guys who are bi curiousStill just curious?2   
Jan 19, 2020Women and couples 4 bi singlesReal women who like bi men2   
Jan 19, 2020Dream's Taboo for Youhello1   
Jan 18, 2020Dream's Taboo for YouAny older for younger?1   
Jan 18, 2020Straight Guys Who Suck CocksCreampie preference?2   
Jan 18, 2020Dream's Taboo for YouPost where you are from1   
Jan 18, 2020Dream's Taboo for YouStill wondering on creampie fun1   
Jan 17, 2020Women and couples 4 bi singlesNew to the group3   
Jan 16, 2020Straight Guys Who Suck CocksWould you let his wife watch?2   
Jan 16, 2020Bisexual Male PlaygroundAny Age Preferences?2   
Jan 16, 2020Bisexual Male Playgroundteasers and time wasters1   
Jan 15, 2020Women and couples 4 bi singleslove sucking cock and eating pussy1   
Jan 15, 2020Women and couples 4 bi singlesHow far have you gone?1   
Jan 13, 2020St8 Guys who are bi curiousMy Bisexual Fantasies3   
Jan 13, 2020Bareback CreampiesYou guys ever creampied on a total stranger in a one night stand?1   
Jan 13, 2020Straight Guys Who Suck CocksEver been so excited while sucking a REALLY nice tasty cock U cummed yourself? "Handsfree" or no?3   
Jan 12, 2020AFF Naughty Community.Getting Sexually Aroused.1   
Jan 12, 2020Bareback CreampiesSuch a great room and growing1   
Jan 12, 2020Bisexual Male Playgroundfirst time Bi2   
Jan 11, 2020Bareback CreampiesTest Gif1   
Jan 9, 2020Bisexual Male PlaygroundHow to know if a guy is bi without being lable gay or bi?1   
Jan 9, 2020Bareback CreampiesPanties1   
Jan 8, 2020Bareback CreampiesGetting it1   
Dec 28, 2019Straight Guys Who Suck CocksSucking a neighbor3   
Dec 28, 2019Straight Guys Who Suck CocksFrustrated Str8 married guys...Please share your thoughts!2   
Dec 26, 2019AFF Naughty Community.Bush or No Bush1   
Dec 21, 2019Bisexual Male PlaygroundEver get nervous?1   
Dec 20, 2019AFF Naughty Community.Post here if you are into 69 fun.1   
Dec 20, 2019AFF Naughty Community.Cock riding in the public park.1   
Dec 18, 2019AFF Naughty Community.Riding A Cock Question.1   
Dec 14, 2019Straight Guys Who Suck CocksLove to suck1   
Dec 11, 2019Straight Guys Who Suck CocksDeep throating a guy1   
Dec 4, 2019St8 Guys who are bi curiousAny San Francisco men or couples around?1   
Dec 1, 2019AFF Naughty Community.Cream Pie making and eating.1   
Nov 26, 2019Bisexual Male PlaygroundWhat’s your situation?1   
Nov 25, 2019Bisexual Male PlaygroundAdvice1   
Nov 25, 2019AFF Naughty Community.Two pussies full of cum.1   
Nov 23, 2019Straight Guys Who Suck CocksThe First step1   
Nov 20, 2019AFF Naughty Community.Hair Color Pussy Poll.1   
Nov 19, 2019Bisexual Male PlaygroundProstrate Massage1   
Nov 14, 2019Bareback CreampiesWet, slick and delicious!1   
Nov 14, 2019Bisexual Male PlaygroundLength, girth, or both1   
Nov 11, 2019Bisexual Male PlaygroundWhats Your Kink....1   
Nov 11, 2019Bareback CreampiesSpecial creampie1   
Nov 11, 2019Bareback CreampiesCan a it be considered a cream pie when a woman cums??1   
Nov 6, 2019St8 Guys who are bi curiousbeing seduced?1   
Oct 31, 2019Straight Guys Who Suck CocksDo U think sports influences young males to have more curiosity about M/M mutual oral sex?4